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Raising Cane's

Jul 16, 2013 - 0 comments

As a side job, I also work privately for a couple doing bookkeeping in the evenings after work.  Since I go right after work & stay until 8:30, the couple feeds me dinner.  Sometimes the wife cooks at home (healthy, delicious food) and sometimes she brings home fast food.  Last night, she brought Raising Cane's.  I haven't been there in ages - it's a treat even on my regular diet.  But that's what was offered & I admit, I was wanting some comfort food.  Having just come from a dietician's appointment learning that I do need to eat carbs, I knew that fried carbs wasn't on the menu, but I falsely rationalized that it would probably be okay.  Well, my post-dinner glucose reading tells on me.  Lesson learned: complex carbs, not simple (especially fried), ones.  

This also highlighted to me that perhaps I need to be prepared somehow for when I don't know what meal will be served because I don't want to eat poorly, but I cannot skip a meal either.  

In the future with which I'll continue meeting with this couple once or twice a month, they now know to have something healthy for me.  Maybe after I establish a good diet (post-partum) and exercise routine, I can splurge with fast food again.

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