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My truck accident

Oct 29, 2010 - 3 comments

yesterday i decided to take my DD to work with myself and my DH, to sydney in the truck. which is about 6 hours away from home..Well that didnt turn out to be the great idea i thought it would be. We loaded our wine and was heading home out of sydney. MY daughter who is two was strapped in a carseat in the bunk of the truck ( when is rta approved as we had installed the pin and seatbeat to hold the car seat in) when another truck crossed onto the wrong side of the road and took us out head on. I can say i have never been so scared and angry at the same time. It ripped the cab off the truck which my daughter was sitting in and we couldnt find her. After we have stoppend and broken through the window i was screaming looking for her and ill i could see was the seatbelt here she was meant to be strapped to. The whole carseat and her was gone. I eventually found her under all the rubble and twisted metal but i was an absolute mess. I was shaking and screaming and crying...all of which isnt great for the baby im carrying. So after we worked out we were all good and not hurt. ( my husband has cuts on his face and i have cuts all over my legs we said our statments and went to the ambluance..After telling them i was 5 weeks preganat with a history of m/cs they did nothing. not even take my blood pressure.. So im basicly just wainting for the bleeding to start. IM hoping my little beanie is sticking strong even though the seatbeat was rough down there and so far no blood..
I was horrible just standing there on the side of the road waiting to feel blood down there...
but we are home now . the trucks written off and so is the one that hit us but we are all fine. just a bit of whiplast and my DD loves the teddy the officer gave her.. lol so yeah what a horrible day..

bloods today

Oct 26, 2010 - 14 comments

had bloods taken today... lets hope its really high

scared s**Tless

Oct 25, 2010 - 2 comments

i have 6 tests in front of me all [positive but all faint.. could someone please tell me if 11/12 dpo is still ok to get faint [positives...

So im pregnant again

Oct 24, 2010 - 2 comments

I am so scared that this is going to turn out bad.. Hoping agains all hope to be able to carry this baby full term happy and healthy but with a 75% chance of another m/c im ******** myself...