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Where's The Outrage?

Oct 21, 2009 - 1 comments

I don't know about you, but I am outraged.

I am outraged and not just about Goldman Sachs, but about a process that allows, even encourages political pandering, by time and time again rewarding leveraged riverboat gamblers and failed institutions and at taxpayer expense.

I am outraged that real people are suffering massively while the influence peddlers have stolen the country for their own personal benefit.

I am outraged at a political system that is totally unresponsive to the American people.

I am outraged by campaign contribution and lobbying processes that allows corporations to buy votes with donations.

I am outraged how legislators ignored the wishes of the people who clearly did not want these bailouts in the first place.

I am outraged that very little of this is in mainstream media. Why is this stuff not on the frontpage of every newspaper in the country or at least in the editorial pages?

I am outraged that the average US citizen is not aware of any of this, instead depending on CNBC, or "The View" for their interpretation of the world.

I am outraged how special interest groups have exercised their power to monopolize the economy for the benefit of themselves, US citizens be damned.

I am outraged that all these bailout programs are doing nothing to alleviate the massive consumer debt problems. Every program, virtually every program was designed to bailout lending institutions, not consumers.

I am outraged at fees charged by banks receiving bailouts.

I am outraged over government pension plans and government pay scales massively out of line with the private sector.

I am outraged that Congress and this administration thinks the solution to massive budget deficits are still higher budget deficits in excess of a trillion dollars.

I am outraged about indictments. Paulson Admitted Coercion to force a shotgun wedding between Bank of America and Merrill Lynch yet no indictments were handed out. Let the Criminal Indictments Begin: Paulson, Bernanke, Lewis.

I am outraged that US citizens are not concerned enough and not educated enough to demand change.

I am outraged that the two party system has failed. Neither party has delivered meaningful change on budgets, on taxes, on social security, on deficit spending, on the size of government, on military spending, or fighting needless wars.

I am outraged at a Fed that purports to be "inflation fighters" when the only source of inflation in the word are central bankers, and their fractional reserve lending policies.

I am outraged that Greenspan and Bernanke could not see a housing bubble that 1000 bloggers could see.

I am outraged at the selective memory of Bernanke when speaking to Congress about these problems.

I am outraged that Bernanke's one sided response to asset bubbles, letting them grow without end, then bailing out the financial institutions that cause them.

I am outraged the Fed exists at all. It is a useless organization that cannot see bubbles, that panders to banks, that supports inflationary policies that are tantamount to theft by fraud.

I am outraged that the Obama Administration promised changed and did not deliver. "Yes We Can" was a lie. The reality is "It's Business As Usual, Only Worse, With Higher Deficits".

I am outraged there is not enough outrage over this.

Where the hell is the outrage?

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

I hear ya Mish...

EOT labs

Apr 10, 2009 - 2 comments

1 week post tox.

Protein, Total 6.7 6.0-8.4 g/dL  
Albumin 3.7 3.5-5.0 g/dL  
Calcium 8.4 8.5-10.5 mg/dL L
Bilirubin, Total 0.4 0.0-1.5 mg/dL  
Alkaline Phosphatase 88 40-150 U/L  
AST 31 7-40 U/L  
Glucose 88 65-100 mg/dL  
BUN 10 10-25 mg/dL  
Creatinine 0.86 0.70-1.40 mg/dL  
Sodium 139 135-146 mmol/L  
Potassium 4.2 3.5-5.0 mmol/L  
Chloride 107 98-110 mmol/L  
CO2 23 23-32 mmol/L  
Anion Gap 9 0-15 mmol/L  
ALT 20 5-50 U/L
WBC 2.92 3.0-11.0 k/uL L
  Repeated and verified
RBC 3.32 4.2-6.0 m/uL L
Hemoglobin 10.7 13.0-17.0 g/dL L
Hematocrit 35.1 39.0-51.0 % L
MCV 105.7 80-100 fL H
MCH 32.2 26-34 pG  
MCHC 30.5 30.5-36 g/dL  
RDW-CV 14.6 11.5-15.0 %  
Platelet Count 68 150-400 k/uL L
MPV 10.9 9.0-12.7 fL  
Neut% 78.8 38.5-75.0 % H
Abs Neut 2.30 1.00-7.50 k/uL  
Lymph% 11.3 14.4-48.0 % L
Abs Lymph 0.33 1.00-4.00 k/uL L
Mono% 5.8 0.0-12.0 %  
Abs Mono 0.17 0.00-1.00 k/uL  
Eosin% 4.1 0.0-7.0 %  
Abs Eosin 0.12 0.00-0.50 k/uL  
Baso% 0.0 0.0-1.2 %  
Abs Baso 0.00 0.00-0.10 k/

HCV Qual RNA by PCR Negative, No HCV RNA detected.    
  Reference range: < 50 IU/mL
WBC 2.07 3.0-11.0 k/uL L
RBC 3.42 4.2-6.0 m/uL L
Hemoglobin 10.2 13.0-17.0 g/dL L
Hematocrit 33.0 39.0-51.0 % L
MCV 96.5 80-100 fL  
MCH 29.8 26-34 pG  
MCHC 30.9 30.5-36 g/dL  
RDW-CV 13.7 11.5-15.0 %  
Platelet Count 63 150-400 k/uL L
MPV 9.6 9.0-12.7 fL  
Neut% 66.6 38.5-75.0 %  
Abs Neut 1.38 1.00-7.50 k/uL  
Lymph% 17.9 14.4-48.0 %  
Abs Lymph 0.37 1.00-4.00 k/uL L
Mono% 9.2 0.0-12.0 %  
Abs Mono 0.19 0.00-1.00 k/uL  
Eosin% 6.3 0.0-7.0 %  
Abs Eosin 0.13 0.00-0.50 k/uL  
Baso% 0.0 0.0-1.2 %  
Abs Baso 0.00 0.00-0.10 k/uL
Protein, Total 7.0 6.0-8.4 g/dL  
Albumin 3.8 3.5-5.0 g/dL  
Calcium 8.2 8.5-10.5 mg/dL L
Bilirubin, Total 0.3 0.0-1.5 mg/dL  
Alkaline Phosphatase 66 40-150 U/L  
AST 32 7-40 U/L  
Glucose 82 65-100 mg/dL  
BUN 14 10-25 mg/dL  
Creatinine 0.87 0.70-1.40 mg/dL  
Sodium 139 135-146 mmol/L  
Potassium 4.3 3.5-5.0 mmol/L  
Chloride 106 98-110 mmol/L  
CO2 25 23-32 mmol/L  
Anion Gap 8 0-15 mmol/L  
ALT 18 5-50 U
Protein, Total 7.8 6.0-8.4 g/dL  
Albumin 4.3 3.5-5.0 g/dL  
Calcium 9.0 8.5-10.5 mg/dL  
Bilirubin, Total 0.5 0.0-1.5 mg/dL  
Alkaline Phosphatase 67 40-150 U/L  
AST 33 7-40 U/L  
Glucose 138 65-100 mg/dL H
BUN 10 10-25 mg/dL  
Creatinine 0.81 0.70-1.40 mg/dL  
Sodium 137 135-146 mmol/L  
Potassium 3.9 3.5-5.0 mmol/L  
Chloride 102 98-110 mmol/L  
CO2 24 23-32 mmol/L  
Anion Gap 11 0-15 mmol/L  
ALT 18 5-50 U/L

WBC 2.78 3.0-11.0 k/uL L
RBC 4.17 4.2-6.0 m/uL L
Hemoglobin 11.4 13.0-17.0 g/dL L
Hematocrit 36.6 39.0-51.0 % L
MCV 87.8 80-100 fL  
MCH 27.3 26-34 pG  
MCHC 31.1 30.5-36 g/dL  
RDW-CV 14.1 11.5-15.0 %  
Platelet Count 80 150-400 k/uL L
MPV 10.4 9.0-12.7 fL  
Neut% 59.3 38.5-75.0 %  
Abs Neut 1.65 1.00-7.50 k/uL  
Lymph% 18.3 14.4-48.0 %  
Abs Lymph 0.51 1.00-4.00 k/uL L
Mono% 8.3 0.0-12.0 %  
Abs Mono 0.23 0.00-1.00 k/uL  
Eosin% 13.7 0.0-7.0 % H
Abs Eosin 0.38 0.00-0.50 k/uL  
Baso% 0.4 0.0-1.2 %  
Abs Baso 0.01 0.00-0.10 k/uL
6/10/09 CBC
WBC 2.46 3.70-11.00 k/uL L
RBC 4.35 4.2-6.0 m/uL  
Hemoglobin 11.6 13.0-17.0 g/dL L
Hematocrit 36.7 39.0-51.0 % L
MCV 84.4 80-100 fL  
MCH 26.7 26-34 pG  
MCHC 31.6 30.5-36 g/dL  
RDW-CV 14.3 11.5-15.0 %  
Platelet Count 96 150-400 k/uL L
MPV 10.3 9.0-12.7 fL  
Neut% 53.3 39.5-74.0 %  
Abs Neut 1.31 1.45-7.50 k/uL L
Lymph% 21.1 15.9-47.3 %  
Abs Lymph 0.52 1.00-4.00 k/uL L
Mono% 9.3 0.0-12.0 %  
Abs Mono 0.23 0.00-0.86 k/uL  
Eosin% 15.9 0.0-6.6 % H
Abs Eosin 0.39 0.00-0.45 k/uL  
Baso% 0.4 0.0-1.2 %  
Abs Baso 0.01 0.00-0.10 k/uL


3 MOS POST TOX 7/15/09
WBC 2.81 3.70-11.00 k/uL L
RBC 4.97 4.2-6.0 m/uL  
Hemoglobin 13.1 13.0-17.0 g/dL  
Hematocrit 40.7 39.0-51.0 %  
MCV 81.9 80-100 fL  
MCH 26.4 26-34 pG  
MCHC 32.2 30.5-36 g/dL  
RDW-CV 15.3 11.5-15.0 % H
Platelet Count 88 150-400 k/uL L
MPV 9.7 9.0-12.7 fL  
Neut% 57.9 39.5-74.0 %  
Abs Neut 1.63 1.45-7.50 k/uL  
Lymph% 22.1 15.9-47.3 %  
Abs Lymph 0.62 1.00-4.00 k/uL L
Mono% 8.9 0.0-12.0 %  
Abs Mono 0.25 0.00-0.86 k/uL  
Eosin% 10.7 0.0-6.6 % H
Abs Eosin 0.30 0.00-0.45 k/uL  
Baso% 0.4 0.0-1.2 %  
Abs Baso 0.01 0.00-0.10 k/uL

Mad as hell these days...

Mar 27, 2009 - 7 comments

Everyone knows Obama is spending trillions of our taxpayer money-draining 100's of billions of dollars out of the private sector-in order to grow bureaucracy and patronage and hold power forever . A trillion here and a trillion there and after a while-you're talking real money. The pork-athon is never ending and WILL DO NOTHING TO STIMULATE OUR ECONOMY. But that's not his goal anyway. His ultimate goal is to stress our free market system until it collapses and from there he plans to usher in the new era of Socialism. After all-as people in his administration are quoted as saying "You can never allow a serious crisis to go to waste".

Socialism-a failed system-where Government controls every aspect of our lives and confiscates Americans' private property through taxation and regulation. This is his goal -this is his plan-whether you want to believe it or not. He is a disciple of the Cloward -Piven strategy-which George Soros and all the other hate America left wing types subscribe to and Obama is at its core. Look it up for yourself-if you don't believe it.
Having said that -what is a trillion dollars? . The following comparisons helped boil it down for me: Let's start with a million dollars------- Why a million? Because I can somewhat comprehend that and it looks something like this. If you took $1,000 dollar bills-if there is such a thing-and stacked them one on top of the other - I am told you would have a stack 4 inches tall. Ok -so far so good. Now here is a trillion dollars-take those same $1,000 dollar bills and stack them one on top of each other-only this time you would need a stack 67.9 miles high. The interest payment alone on this kind of debt-by 2019-will be over 800 billion dollars.

And who do you think is responsible for paying for this 67.9 miles of debt? Your children, and grandchildren that's who. I don't know about you but this makes me sick to my stomach when I think about what it represents. It's more than just some cute analogy-some unbelievable stack of money-this represents our future and the future of generations to come. This represents a future of confiscatory taxation and a reduced standard of living. A future of fewer and fewer jobs and fewer and fewer goods and services. A future of less liberty and less opportunity. Mortgage ; from the Latin"morte" or death .."gage" or grip. We are standing by quietly allowing them a death grip on our childrens throats.
I have never been so afraid for my country and for my children as I am now.

You Obama supporters stand by this guy like an abused wife stands with her man. Sick,sick,sick!


Mar 19, 2009 - 4 comments

3/19/09  Start the taper tonight. Will do 1/2 a shot of peg and lower riba to 1000. My bloodwork this week shows wbc tanking, but that was expected as I took 2 doses of peg in 1 week. (last week).  One last little push before the taper. Tired this week and mild flu symptoms. ALT at 23 and AST at 31 which is the lowest it has ever been. As the peg is now reduced, I will up the lactoferrin, whey protein, shark liver oil, olive leaf., siliphos. 3 wks on taper and then hit the rivers with the kayak!
3/20/09 Lightheaded and tired. Headache and aches. Havn't experienced this at weeks end before. My immune system is working on something. 1/2 dose tonight.
3/27/09 Was in rough shape the last week. Took 1/4 dose last night and feel as if I took a full one. So worn out, but nearly there. Lactoferrin increased from 200 mg to 400 mgs daily.
3-28-09  How weird. Took a 1/4 dose on 3-26 and have had the worst run of sx since I DD at start of treatment. I have been in bed for the last 24hrs. FLUlike, aches, URQ pain, headaches, and nightmarish cramping! Thought those who dose reduced felt quite good. I am concerned here,  this doesn't make much sense to me.
4/7/09 Been off the drugs for a week now. I expected to feel instantly better as this was case last tox. Nope. I have some problems, fatigue, insomnia, very light colored smelly stools. Smells like ammonia or acidic. (gross) Perhaps I have Steatorrhea: Steatorrhea is the passing of fat in your bowel movements. The presence of fat in the stool makes the stool smell particularly bad. or maybe Bilirubin is low, or maybe my immune system is just freaking out. I am taking the supplements and have increased the lactoferrin. Took 1/2 dose of Neupogen and Procrit last night. I will go get a blood draw tomorrow. Hopefully, I am worrying for nothing.
4/10/09 Felt pretty good yesterday, but back to awful today. Waiting on blood test results.
4/15/09 Tests look ok, but I feel so fatigued and spaced. Not bouncing back off this tox.
4/28/09   3 good days in a row. I may have turned a corner here. Ultrasound and endoscopy show no change in varices and damage from a year ago; good enough. Putting on weight which is bad, but if continue to feel good, will start diet and exercise.
5/4/09 Definately recovering now. Feeling good for a week. Spent the weekend in the campground getting familiar with the 5th wheel. Lot of fun work. Dawn and I thinking of bailing on the house and becoming full time RVer's.
5/25/09  Taken 5-17. 6 wk post.     HCV Qual RNA by PCR Negative, No HCV RNA detected.    
  Reference range: < 50 IU/mL.  (smile)
7/20/09  14 WEEKS POST AND STILL UND!!!!!!    Bloodwork looks good except PLTS at 88.

9/21/09 6 mos PCR.  Negative. I beat it!
From mrmeet
"Way to go gauf! I knew you'd make it. Seems like it was just yesterday you were pondering treatment and things seemed dire and uncertain. But you stuck to your guns and investigated every nook and cranny, intelligently weighed your options and adopted unique and innovative strategies. Looks like it paid off for you, and it pulled you back from the precipice in just the nick of time. That's the best kind of victory; savor every moment. You earned your battle stripes that's for sure. Take care of that liver and enjoy a long life my friend."