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Not My Turn Yet !

Oct 02, 2010 - 1 comments

My husband and i came to an agreement that god has a great plan for us and that this past cycle was not our turn. I did get AF on the 30th and we have now decided to try the IVF route. I started to take the birth control pill yesterday. It is the first set to the IVF process and my DH and i have our seminar next wed. i am exited and nervous at the same time i want to refrain from telling family what we are doing just because i feel that it would add a lot more stress that i don't need. This way they never have to know our struggles.  So best of luck for all who are on the same boat as i am.

When will it be my turn =( ?????

Sep 23, 2010 - 2 comments

Ok so i have given up on HPT. They are just a bummer. Yesterday i was so tired i felt so sick my husband and i were going to have dinner and the car ride made me so naucious so instead we got take out. I ate what i could and was in bed by 9pm which is not normal for me at all. I hope these are good signs Because my dr forgot to rx me progesterone so i just started it today. We will see how it goes i have my prg test on 10/4. Keep your fingers crossed and keep me in your prayers for we have been trying well over a yr.