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Copy of my birth plan

Mar 04, 2011 - 3 comments

birth plan

Birth Plan

Mothers Name: Dakota
Fathers Name: Conley
Due Date: May 2, 2011
Coach: Conley
OB/GYN: Dr. Nadine Ford
Hospital: NW Medical Center

Early Labor-
I want to be able to move as freely as possible, listen to my music, stay in my own clothes that have easy access for being checked, family and friends are allowed to come and go as they please and I would like to not be restricted on fluid intake. I want only intermittent monitoring if possible. A heparin lock IV can be inserted whenever. I would like to avoid being catheterized unless absolutely necessary. If I desire pain medications I will ask for it. I will be trying to labor naturally but that will mostly be decided in the moment. I want to be able to shower to help with the pain and use my birthing ball. If IV medication is used I don’t have a preference. Labor induction and augmentation can be used if necessary as well. I will allow my water to broke if it needs to be. Please discuss any suggested interventions or procedures with Conley and I and obtain our verbal consent before initiating any such interventions or procedures.

Only Conley, myself and which ever medical personnel needed will be in the room, unless ONE person is asked to film/take pictures. I will push in whatever position is possible and comfortable. I would like Conley to help hold my legs when pushing, I don’t want my feet in the stirrups. I want some medical advice on the pushing part and if I get in a good rhythm and know have the urge to push then I will lead it on my own. I would like to feel the baby’s head when she crowns and I would also like to see with a mirror. Conley would also like to help in the delivery process as much as possible.

Immediately after delivery-
I want the baby placed on my chest after delivery and Conley to cut the cord. I want to begin nursing immediately after birth. I would like to hold the baby while the placenta is being delivered and I want to be the baby’s warmth not the heat lamps. Baby is to stay with us at all times. Please perform all physical exams and procedures in room with Conley and I.

I would like to attempt perineal massage to stretch the perineum before getting an episiotomy but if it looks like I will tear I’d rather a small cut then a large tear. If I am cut or torn I would like a local anesthetic when repairing it.

Baby Care-
I will be exclusively breastfeeding so I DO NOT WANT BABY GIVEN A PACIFIER, BOTTLE PLEASE. I would also like to meet with a lactation consultant as soon as possible. I will also be feeding on demand.

We would like our child to room-in with us. All well-wishers are welcome.

In the event that C-section is deemed necessary I would like my partner/coach present and pictures taken. Conley would still like to cut the cord if possible.

In the Event that Baby Requires Special Care Due to Trauma or Illness-
I would like to breastfeed/pump breastmilk and Conley and I will be accompanying baby at all times.

Thank you for taking the time to read our birth plan and for helping us achieve our first birth.

needs list

Feb 21, 2011 - 0 comments

                   Still Need For Cadynse…
Crib mattress
Crib sheets
Changing mattress Covers
Lanolin cream
Bassinet - we have picked out the rock-n-play sleeper from walmart instead of the traditional bassinet
Diaper genie refills
Breast feeding cover
Baby powder
Mylecon (gas relief) drops
Dreft- baby laundry detergent
High chair
Cotton balls

pain under left breast

Jan 05, 2011 - 0 comments

i constantly have this agonizing pain under my left breast. like sharp stabbing no matter how i sit stand or lay it doesn't help. I can stretch it lift my arms over my head, massage it. doesn't matter it wont even ease up. I just want it to dull out a little bit so i can work and sleep!

Pregnancy Tracker


Dec 27, 2010 - 2 comments

i keep getting this spots and i can't see!!! ugh im trying to work and this is just getting in the way and making me  mad :(

Pregnancy Tracker