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Topamax - the end for me...

Jan 15, 2011 - 3 comments



Weight Loss

So I decided to go off Topamax, I was only on it for 1.5 months and I m sure I didnt give it enough time to work its magic but my main purpose for going on it was to lose my SSRI weight gain. The scale had only dropped 2 pounds over the 6 weeks so I knew in order to lose weight I would have to increase my 100 mg dose which I was not willing to do as I was using it off label. It was mildly effective for my anxiety and not enough to be therapeutic. I have read too many horror stories of hair falling out, memory loss, and kidney stones at higher doses to risk this for pounds lost. In saying this, I was surprised at how much the Topamax helped with my mood swings (mood stabilizer) and I would be willing to try this maybe as an addition to an anxiety medication in the future again for that purpose.

I had no problems going off this medication. My doctor told me I could stop cold turkey, I decided against it and weaned off it by doing 50 mgs for 1 week, then 25 mgs for 1 week. My appetite is increased immediately and Im sure those 2 pounds will be back on in no time :/

1 month - Topamax update

Dec 27, 2010 - 0 comments

well its been a month. I am not overall impressed with this drug although I am using (ssri weight loss and anxiety) it for an off label use so not sure I have the right to complain. I am happy that all my side effects are gone. I will update my official weight loss but I dont expect it to be much more than 5 - 7 pounds...although I do owe it to Topamax as the scale wasnt budge no matter how much I went to the gym prior thanks to Paxil. I do know I did lose something cause my swim shorts fit.

I had two incidents this past week might be useful for Topamax users....1st incident I had 2 drinks and had a manic incident where I could of nearly killed a taxi driver in anger. I really didnt know where the rage came from and several of my friends had to calm me down. Its like I just snapped. I have had a few drinks before on Topamax and have been fine so this must of been an isolated incident...

2nd incident...missed a dose and saw a black spot on my right eye all afternoon...was slightly annoying but I had read posts from other users who had eye issues when first starting topamax so I thought I would wait to see if it would go away once I took my next dose and it did!

well I dont think Topamax is going to be the drug for me, its not helping much with my anxiety, it definitely has helped as a mood stabilizer and if I would double my dose it might help more.... but its my drug of choice for right now, in a few months when I lose my ssri weight gain I will try another anti anxiety drug

Day 18 - Topamax, Mood Stabilizer, and Appetite

Dec 15, 2010 - 0 comments

Day sinus infection is gone...I hope for good. Its strange because I feel my body has adapted to Topamax quickly. I have no side effects anymore. My appetite has returned. I am hungry throughout the day for my in between meal snacks again, which is upsetting to me because I did not want to stop at my 5lb weight loss. My only hope is that I am not craving the chips/chocolate/ice cream that I use to and am opting for healthier options, I am hoping this will last. I can feel that Topamax is working as a Mood Stabilizer and I am eager to see if it will work for anxiety.

Day 13 - Topamax,  Weight Loss and Sinus Infection

Dec 10, 2010 - 0 comments

Well I was wrong, my sinus infection isn't going away. I went to the doctor this morning, I am now on 5 medications to get rid of it...  also cost the same as 1 months supply of Topamax. The jury is out (the jury being me) as to whether the infection was caused by Topamax.  As mentioned before sinus infections are listed as side effects of Topamax but my psychiatrist doesn't think it caused it. I did sleep for 12 hours last night due to cold medication. I went to bed at 7:30 while the rest of my friends were heading out for dinner and a night of fun. Its a long weekend here. I spend the morning at the doctors office  and now will spent the rest of my weekend at home cause I spend my weekend budget on antibiotics boo!. I realized I have been mixing cold medication for 5 of the 13 days I have been on Topamax, so I am looking forward to when I can clearly see where my energy level will be at as I have spent the last week going to work and coming home and sleeping.

Good news...down 5 pounds!