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Dec 31, 2010 - 0 comments

ADHD medication


vivid dreams


Insulin Pump


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lack of appetite

I had a dream that I was told if I "got rid of" my pump, I'd no longer be a diabetic. I vaguely remember ripping my own pump out in half-sleep, the time is unknown. I woke up around 730 am in a panic because it suddenly hit me that I was pumpless. I put a new silhouette set in and tested at 364 and took 8.9 units of H through the pump. I tested at 10:30, while feeling "jittery" and "low", and saw that my sugars are now 126. I drank some Snapple; about 20 grams worth. For this, I did not adjust with insulin because I know my body and I know that I am dropping from my correction dosage earlier. Also, I have not eaten and I most likely will not eat a lot today because my ADHD medicine makes it nearly impossible to.

At 11:50am I am eating a slice of cake (30 grams carb) and my sugars have gone down to 114 even though I drank the snapple without adjusting. I feel quite lowsugared right now.. very sick. Most likely because I haven't eaten yet. I'm working on it.

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