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More on my Weird Scalp Condition

Jan 01, 2011 - 2 comments





















DHT crystals

At the aforementioned journal post that introduced me to MedHelp, there is a URL for a Thailand balding treatment.  I looked at the site out of curiosity, and what I found was this:

"Q:   A lot of hard granules come out when I do treatment. They are like small grains of sand. Is this normal?
A:   The hard, sand like granules are DHT crystals. With many balding persons there are waxy granules and hard granules under the scalp. The hard granules vary in size and colour. They can be as large as 1mm wide (see image, click to enlarge) and vary in colour from clear to brown to black. Many balding persons have literally thousands of these hard granules under the scalp! The hard granules in the image were collected from one client in just two treatment sessions"

....and they even have a picture of the hard granules!

As Alice would say, "Curiouser and Curiouser!"

Great!  Now I am afriad I am going BALD!!!!

Itchy Scalp with what feels like (but is not) sand on it.

Jan 01, 2011 - 0 comments

I am here for answers to a weird problem a number of ppl here seem to also be having, details here:  ;

This website is cool!  I am glad to have found it and looking fwd to enjoying it.  The original "sandy scalp" post that brought me here via a google search can be found in this journal:

Take a look, and help if you can.