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Trew Up

Feb 20, 2011 - 0 comments

Out of the blue woke up and threw up the cup of water a had moments before... nothing else. Stomach convulsed A LOT. Almost didn't make it to the toilet. UNUSUAL Threw up so hard i cried. UNUSUAL After i stopped I felt fine and went back to bed...


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The Small Pigs Dream

Feb 15, 2011 - 0 comments





collecting coins and money

Camping with Rae, Donnie, Gage. Donnie wanted to hunt a small pig. Somehow I let them. The pigs live in the river. Had a stick spear like in the movies. I said get the big one so you don't have to kill two. He hit it. then i hit it so it would not suffer. Then I wondered if it was pregnant because it was bigger then the others. fear. Told my sister. She was now a pig expert. She performed a C section. Now I'm in my bedroom. Taking the undeveloped babies out. They are not attached to her. They are different sizes. Their is 20. I wonder if I can save the mom and put the babies back or if i can raise the babies because the moms gonna die. Decide to put them back. sew her up. put heating pads on her to keep her warm. She can walk a little. Later we put her back in the river wondering if shes gonna make it. THE END. Weirdest dream ever! Also had a Dream about Logan, Chelsey, and I. Maybe in college. One night. Out on the town. Get a hot dog from gas station with mustard. Go to a antique like-store for some reason. Lots of coins on the ground????? Fighting with other customers to keep them. Really Weird also just not as entertaining.

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