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Me And My Sex Life

Feb 01, 2011 - 0 comments

sex life

Ive just turned 18 and been having sex for over a year with my boyfriend. I study at Midkent College in gillingham studying Technical Theatre. I live with my boyfriend who is 19.
For some reason most of the time im sore at first when he puts his penis inside of me, now i don't know why if its because im not getting wet enough or if there is something wrong and then it sooths after a few minutes. Erm....i have been ripped before when we had rough sex and it was itchy and very uncomfortable to sit down but it went away withing 2 weeks. On a few occasions i have been swollen and my boyfriend havn't been able to get his finger inside of my. The left of my vagina has been swollen. My boyfriend foreskin has been swollen near the tip of the penis. That it it really lol x please comment x