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An Adventure

Oct 10, 2011 - 7 comments

I had a rough delivery. The epidural wore off too early and they did not get to add more meds in time because he came to fast for them to do so. So I tore really badly and I have about 100 stitches. Still healing and my legs, ankles and feet are swollen so HUGE!!! But I am so happy with my beautiful son
I was in labor 25 hours but because my contractions would not stabilize I was at home for most of it. I went in even though they never did because I felt something push down there and was not about to have him at home.  Even at the end of pushing my contractions never stabilized
My contractions started about 8:40 Friday evening and at 1 pm Saturday (Oct 1) is when I went in when I felt the strange push down there. I was 1.5 dilated when I went in and after an hour there I jumped to 4. When I was at a 6 (I slowed down in increasing) they broke my water bag and my pain tripled and I wanted an epidural. Then I don't remember much and then I was in pain again big time and was at a 9 and that was at 9:08 and he was born at 9:50.  The epidural wore off or something but I was in so much pain and they could not do anything because the anesthesiologist was in surgery.  My bad hip started with the pain first.  That was the worst.
They had to take me to the OR right after. I was bleeding bad and they started the stitches in the delivery room but the lighting and the fact that I was freaking out at every touch they had to move me) I started pushing automatically, well my body just did I could not stop that is why I tore and because I am small down there.  At least that is why I am thinking...  
it was interesting though

I was very exhausted and if I did not have friends and my hubby there holding my back and legs I don't think I could have pushed him out to be honest. I thank God for those He had around me at that time

1 hour Glucose Test

Jul 11, 2011 - 2 comments

Results Came back normal.  Yay.  With everything going on this is good news for me.  Ok going out for Cold Stone!  lol j/k

Monthy Check up

May 11, 2011 - 0 comments

Saw the doctor.. waiting a whole month after getting to see the baby is doing well weekly is just not easy at all...  But we hear the heartbeat and Oh wow..  I loved it all over again :)  

Also dispite the pain from my back, kidneys, round ligamint and headaches I have felt the baby 5 days in a row now and that makes me so happy!! :)  

Still very picky eating but I am doing good says the doctor. I gained 4 more pounds so a total of 6 now.  My blood pressure has been really good.  it was 112/76 this time.  

Also, we are so excited we get the utlrasound for seeing baby and finding out the sex on May 28.  We are doing a gender party for it..   So the answer will be in an envelope and we will take it to a friend who will bake a cake and we will go out to a late lunch with some close friend and family to have it revealed to all of us at the same time.  Can't wait!!!!!

Blood Test Results

Apr 12, 2011 - 0 comments

Blood Sugar is 76 YAY

Not immune to the German Measles though.. so have to stay away from people with fevers and strange rashes...