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strong pinches and twinges ..advice pls?

Apr 29, 2011 - 8 comments



pregnancy over 35




ttc after 2 miscarraiges

I'm having strong pinches and twinges in the center of my lower stomach... leaning towards the left side a lil... makes me yell out "ouch" every time I get it...lasted for about 2 mins and then stopped..

only had those at 6DPO this month ....never before is it normal? UTI?

advice is highly appreciated!


2nd Beta today...venting

Apr 27, 2011 - 33 comments

I'm so worried..every time I think of high my numbers should get I picture my RE telling me that my #s didn't double and that I should stop my progesterone..
I never thought it would b this hard to leave it up to God's will..
I have all the faith in God and know that whatever comes to me is always in my favour..

I'm trying to detach myself from the pregnancy ...but, what if it carries on term? how can I possibly bear the exhaustion and pain from all the effort I'm putting to detach myself for at least 2 − 3 months from now?

usually around this time of my pregnancy my bbs start getting REALLY sore..which isn't the case now..tired of all this..wish I had an u/s at home lol I'm sure my DH will declare my insanity if this happens hehe..

I kept waking up in the middle of the night ..having nightmares and getting bad dreams of this dilemma.. my heart was beating like crazy and my hands were shaking...

auughh when will this ever end!??! and why do I have to suffer so much?!?

Ironically, this test — even if it comes out ++ — its not gonna make things any better hehe..I'm just gonna have to walk the path until the end THEN c what happens..

isn't this too much!?

lil peanut tracker

trip to dubai ..ending..

Apr 23, 2011 - 5 comments

Ok so I promised I'd post another journal on my trip to dubai.. well I guess this is where all the fun starts..

hmm..where did i stop!?...oh okay..

so I went back to the hotel to meet with hubby at around 16:30 am
we stayed at the hotel till 7 then went down to the bar and had some drinks..I didnt of course..
anyways then at around 8ish we went for dinner with my uncle who lives there.

the next day was check out hubby went to work I did all the packing after breakfast until DH arrived at 2:30
so since check out was at 3 ad our flight was at 9 we thought maybe explore one more place ..and ya..The Atlantis hotel..
the best EVER u guys have to go..its Ahhhhmaazing! its located in an island u can c the beach from any spot !! really beautiful

so we had lunch and hit the the airport..we arrived there checked in got our boarding passes ready and got into the lane on time.. the interesting part..

there was a lady sitting next to me..and after take off she looks at me and randomly asks "ru pregnant?!"
I'm like no..not that I no of..y? she said u have to test! u r pregnant..I'm a dermatologist and I can c from ur looks that ur pregnant!"

I got ssoo excited but didnt believe her until my extremely FAINT BFP today! WTH!! how do they do that!!

well..I hope I didnt bore u with the details just wanted to give u a lil insight on my trip to Dubai in case any of u decides to go for a reason or another..

Good luck everyone!

pelvic bone pain and pressure

Apr 22, 2011 - 0 comments

I suddenly felt like crying for no obvious reason..then I started feeling strong cramps like AF is coming..lasted about an hr or so..had to use hot compression to stop it.. now its just a strong stabbing pain in my pelvic bone and a mild pressure on the left side..

has this happened to any of u before?
I'm on progesterone pills..cud it b causing this?


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