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Apr 21, 2011 - 6 comments the updates on the trip..

we left to the airport at around 14:00pm on the Monday the 18th  all went smoothly airport wasn't really crowded and our flight was on time..took us around 2:15 hrs to get there, weather was very nice..until...
we were planning on renting a car once we've arrived but DEAREST HUBSS realised his license expired a yr ago and I dont have an international license.. hehe ya he's been driving illegally for 1 yr without noticing!

Luckily we already had an airport pick up arranged by the Company he works for..but driver didn't show up on time..we waited for almost an hr hubby was smoking his A** off until a huge Range rover car showed up and asked us to get in! haha..that was rewarding we wanted to rent a Corolla Glad his license expired !!

So, we arrived to the hotel Towers Rotana, Very clean, Organised, neat, and extremely professional and nice ppl..service was great really.
We stayed in the 21st floor view was breath - taking, overlooking the huge big towers in Dubai..
the rooms were nicely decorated, comfy, and lightings were something! especially the toilet one haha kinda wanna get in the bath tub and stay there for hours!
so we unpacked got into comfy clothes and decided to go for a walk around the area since it was already 11PM and everything was closing except the clubs..we were so tired so didn't feel like going..
while walking hubby suggested we take a cab and ask him to give us a tour around the typical touristic we jumped into one and took a small tour..until we got to a place called (Dubai Marina) view was indescribable..more than amazing really..many boats, and the towers that look like if they've been hung down from the sky into the surface of the water..very calming and nice..we took a small walk around the marina with all the restaurants surrounding it and decided to sit in a small lebanese restaurant..we had all kinds of C-food ..waiters were half asleep while serving us that we felt SO guilty...I almost wanted to go into their kitchen n drop my dishes in! haha..still they were too nice and smiling all the time

then we headed back to the hotel ..the next day we woke up at 8am went for breakfast and hubby went to work

The buffet was very extraordinary in my opinion,
I loved the way they've organised the food sections and made everyone's favourites easily accessible
of course all kinds of bread, eggs, beans, sausages, turkey, jam, cheeses, salmon,,,then all kinds of fruit for desert
there was a stand of 3 different kinds of fresh juice (grapefruit, carrots and Orange)
which I distinctly remember cuz I ended up bumping into some1 which in a very weird way made his fone drawn into the juice glass!! ya I dont know Y i keep going thru these very awkward situations!

anyways went back to my table as if nothing happened hehe my cheeks were all red of course (Mrs Clumsy) as hubby calls me
then I went to a Mall called Dubai Mall. Unfortunately I made the mistake of wearing high heels so couldnt roam around the place a lot but got a generally good view of the significant areas in there.
there's a simulation of waterfalls inside the mall, there's a big ice rink also surrounded by a sushi place from the top
and finally the huge aquarium where u can c the divers inside the mall swimming with the fish and stuff..
it was almost 5 by then so headed back to the hotel to meet DH and get dressed to go for a late lunch..

so we got into the cab and moved around until he decided he wanted to c the Emirates mall where the kempinsky hotel is located. we got there at around 6 and took a brief walk around it..nothing special except for the teleferique  and snow boarding which I cudn't do cuz of my fear of hights and obviously the fact that im in my TWW.. so we had lunch in the "Piazza" an italian restaurant then took dessert at "Haag n daaz" and hit the road..
so once we got into the taxi hubby felt like having a couple of drinks and listening to good music so he recommended going clubbing, I didn't we went to a nice complex in Jumeira, that had all the clubs but cant really recall the name..they had many clubs inside a hotel with them overlooking the beach
at 1 am after a couple of drinks we headed home with a huge smile on our faces hehe

they day after, we also woke up at 8, did the same thing for breakfast and then I decided to go to dubai mall wearing FLAT Shoes and explore the Dubai Mall in depth..
it was REALLY worth it..!! while walking I found a sign saying "the Dubai Fountain" I decide to follow it and there goes an amazingly formed location with a small lake and a huge fountain that I heard dances with indian at night.
the view is to kill for...sat and had lunch there then went back to the hotel..

2b continued... hubby's nagging wants me to get off the laptop and sit with him..hehe

— Reminder —

Apr 18, 2011 - 0 comments

temp is still high althu I temped 2.5 hrs earlier than usual..

Baby making chart

an interesting article on HPT Vs. OPK

Apr 17, 2011 - 2 comments

Very interesting approach on analysing the difference between both tests.....Thought I'd share it with u
I'm sure some of u have come across it..but I'm sure some didn't
so, hope u all like it as much as I did!

night sweats

Apr 17, 2011 - 0 comments

just a reminder for myself
woke up very sweaty and temp was 36.9!

Baby making chart