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Birth Story of Baby Malik

Dec 30, 2011 - 33 comments

Ok, finally sometime for updates.
started having random pains all thru Friday the 23rd decided to hit the sac at around 11pm but woke up with strong cramps at 1am the 24th. As usual, decided to take a trip to the toilet (just incase..hehe) to my surprise, found some blood when I wiped and noticed the beginning of thick mucus. waited a while then noticed mild contractions that occurred every 10 mins. after an hr I called my OB who asked me to take some paracetamol, a shower and wait for a while until it cools down, if not, go to d hospital to check for dilation

I went in at 4am with the contractions as steady as ever, 10 mins apart, but in denial that I'm in real labour.

Note that I was at d Dr's on Wednesday and was reassured that there were no signs of labour and baby wasn't even engaged or coming anytime soon. at least, not b4 the 5th of Jan which was my original due date.)

Anyways, at the emergency drs checked me and said I was 1.5 cm dilated. so they sent me home and asked me to wait until the contractions r closer or some thing new happens.
so at 1pm the 24th of Dec, i started having stronger pains and the contractions were 3 − 5 mins apart. DH called OB and he gave me the option to go to d hospital or wait until he goes to his office at 4:30 n c him. well I took the 2nd option believing i wasn't in labour cuz of what he told me earlier on wednesday..(I know!! what was I thinking?!). I went in at 4:30 pm and 2my surprise i was 3 cm dilated and 50% effaced. so Dr sent me to the hospital for preparation.
I was admitted at 6 pm ordered my epidural and got it at 7pm when I was 5 cm dilated. I was in complete pain by then and the epidural worked for just an hr! spent the next 3 hrs miserable breathing the gas and trying to manage the pain without a top up until its closer to d delivery time. well, with my luck the epidural wasn't put properly AND i had an allergic reaction to it and started itching like there's no tomorrow. by 12AM dr came in n said I was 10 cm dilated but I was extremely miserable and the pain was unbearable. he asked me to push but after 15 mins of pushing i was already crying and asking for a c-section lol. not smart but i think it was the epidural + gas talking hehe. he decided to give me a 15 min coffee break when i insisted on a c-section, lil did I no, he later told me that i stopped contracting and baby's head was still too high up so he gave me a shot of Pitocin to speed up d delivery. by then it was 2 am and baby was still high. as soon as the Pitocin kicked in I pushed 3 big humongous pushes and baby was out! doctor did use suction to pull him out cuz he was too stubborn to cooperate lol but it was amazing seeing between my arms after all this time,
He didnt cry straight away after the delivery cuz he had some fluids n secretions stuck in his system n needed to b sucked out but after the suction he was great n gave us the biggest scream ever hehe.

He was 20.5" long and weighed 7.27 lbs at birth. Can't believe how lucky we r to have him. I'v been breastfeeding since we arrived hom and this lil one has been enjoying mommy and daddy's company so much.

I really appreciate all the lovely msgs and txts I got from is a christmas miracle but u Ladies, r the rock that gave me d strength n patience 2b a mommy.

Love u all...xoxo

looks like baby's coming soon!

Dec 23, 2011 - 26 comments

Woke up at 1am with contractions, went to the toilet and found some bloody show. At 4am contractions became more regular (every 10 mins) called Dr told me to go to d hospital for assessment. and yes, baby wants to make his presence real soon. they monitored baby's heartbeat and contractions for a half n hr and checked for dilation. 1.5cm and baby's heart rate was stable so they sent me home.

I'm in pain already and the contractions are happening every 7 − 9 mins now. waiting 2c what happens..while wishing i cud get one hr of sleep!! is full of surprises, can't believe baby's gonna b here any minute!

37.4 weeks Appnt.

Dec 18, 2011 - 9 comments

Baby's doing good, weighs around 6.8 pounds and seems 2b enjoying it inside.
cervix is closed, no contractions, effacement or dilation whatsoever. For that, he mentioned the possibility of a c-section explaining that the baby's weight is good but a lil big for my size, also the fact that my cervix hasn't changed since last appnt. (two weeks ago)

He also said that I did develop some sort of pregnancy rash and that since its not itchy he's not going to interfere until I give birth if it doesnt go away on its own.

next visit in two weeks rather than next week unless something new comes up.....was kinda bummed by that..but at least I know baby's fine!

lil peanut tracker

(TMI alert)..mucous plug?

Nov 29, 2011 - 14 comments

ttC #2


pregnancy over 35





well, the other day I was (as usual) in the toilet and noticed some dry clear mucous on my underwear and in my urine. its not watery nor whitish. more like the phlem u get with a dry cough or some thing at the end of a cold. (sorry again..TMI) and since then I'v been having transparent more watery discharge kinda like EWCM.
Question is, did I lose my mucous plug? or is that just normal discharge during pregnancy?..
Did any of u experience that? would highly appreciate it if u ladies can describe the mucous plug and help clear out the confusion.

Thanks in advance!