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Jul 06, 2011 - 9 comments

Well, went to c my Dr for feedback on the scan and first thing he asks was.."Didn't I c u a couple of days ago?" I didn't comment just said "I'm here for the results. the Sonographer told me they will b ready by Wed so I assumed U wanted to c me" while I was thinking.."what an A**!! is this how u greet ur patients U moron?" hehe anyways I sit down took out a list that had a few questions that I need answered the first one was "Ask Dr about severe back pain and what to do" the second, "y haven't I slept well since I started my multivitamins? is there a substitute for them?" and I mean sleeping for 4 hrs 4days in a raw and suffering a horrible headache since!!.. the Third and most important one "Y did my hands turn dead - body blue and stayed that way for 6 hours yesterday?"
is this too much to ask? well I didn't think so..I took the list out and asked the first questions he said straight away "all ur tests r fine. backache is common and ull b ok!" I told him that this backache has been bothering me REAL bad every time I bend and need a solution for it..well, he seemed to ignore what I said completely! anyways I skipped the list n asked..what about my due date? he said SO clearly "its non of ur business, ur due date is still on the 7th of Jan like I said"
I flipped of course and took my report off his desk n THANKED him then left!..
was I being sensitive about it? or was he pure mean as I felt?!

will definitely fire him even if that means NOT going to a dr for SOO long or paying for the fricken service!

update on NT scan and on...

Jul 05, 2011 - 10 comments

aahhh it feels like forever since I wrote some thing on MH ..I'v been so busy lately SIL went into surgery 2days ago and had to spend SO much time with her in the hospital since there's no1 with her. very exhausting especially the hospital is SO far away from home and u need a driver to pick u up n drop u off or get u any thing every time u need to eat, drink, change etc....
Well its over now..she had some complications during surgery and thats what made it more difficult to cope but she's doing good and recovering well.
Ok, so I had an appointment yesterday at 17:20 like most of u know..streets were SO crowded didn't get there on time since I was in the east n the hospital was in the south..anyways had been drinking water cuz they asked for a full bladder ..which didn't make my journey any easier of course lol..anyways I'd called in earlier n told them I'm running late they said its fine..arrived there at 18:00 and finally went in at 18:20.
sonographer started doing the usual checking the for any deficiencies malformations etc..then checked for the size of the baby. well turns out I'm 15 weeks not 13 weeks 4 days like I thought I was..which really confused me cuz that means I conceived on CD 6 or 7! cud it B that all the OPKs arent effective enuf to detect ovulation? y didn't they turn ++ when I tested? or did I NOT test cuz I thut it was TOO early to ovulate at this point?
hmm another thing that I thut wud effect the dating is the baby's head..cud a bigger baby head give us misleading info and shift my dates ?
then she started checking for the gender and said it "might" b a boy..she just doesn't like to confirm such things as early as 15 weeks she said I'll no for sure in 2 − 3 weeks..which is bearable hehe..

Overall everything was great, baby was healthy asleep in the beginning but woke up after all the pushing n poking hehe Thank God placenta was good no deficiencies were pointed out n more pictures will b given later when I c my Dr today for the official feedback!

I'm so grateful for everything thats happening to is has been SO generous to me and wish ALL u ladies get as lucky as I am right now..

love u all!

Backache.. need advice..:(

Jun 29, 2011 - 5 comments

Back pain






Back strain treatment





I used to have this weird one - sided back a strained muscle or was very rare that Iv suffered a bad episode of pain..recently its gotten SO bad that it takes a lot of effort to get my back up. Every time I bend it gets stuck at a certain level and becomes so hard not to yell out "OUUUUUUCH"..i'm pregnant so I cant get an x-ray or anything done - I think - so any advice on what this cud b and how I can heel it with no medical interference?

found this REAL helpful for first time mummies

Jun 26, 2011 - 0 comments