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First Heartbeat

May 14, 2011 - 21 comments


Ok So after many many negotiations with my MH friends and all my battles with the - - thuts I had..I decided — while on my way to visit my mother — to stop at the hospital and book this sono get it over with..
So I arrived at the desk and asked the receptionist if she could gimme a print of the Dr's referral but then she replied asking if I wanted to c her since she's free..this way I wont have to go thru insurance hassle..I said ya y not?
went in Dr's clinic was empty..she greeted me and asked me to lie down for a "quick look" on her u/s before I go to the radiology department for the bigger u/s....well she immediately found the sac and turns out I measured 6 weeks exactly today..that means I'm 3 days behind..
heard that and felt really disappointed.. so reluctantly I asked  "is there a Fetal Pole?" she replied "yes and its pulsating too" I'm like "RU serious!?" she said "wait u'll hear it in a second" I teared up and laughed at the same time..
I bet this Dr isn't gonna let me c her after what she's seen from me today haha..or maybe send me to the psychiatry ward instead hehe..
anyways she turned the mic on and there it is..!!! I cudn't believe my ears !!!
sadly DH wasn't there to hear it since he's still away..but he was SO thrilled and happy to hear about it..
EDD is 7th of Jan instead of the day after DH's birthday and SIL's birthday ..

As for the measurements CRL is 3.3 mm but I can't find the HB on the picture...and can't recall the rate the Dr mentioned lol since I was in La La land
all I have now is a blurry foto cuz I'm using my fone's camera..will post a clearer one soon..

Thank u ALL for ur support and kinds words...nothing is impossible and from NOW ON I'm a strong believer of that..

Good luck to all of u TTCer and mother's 2b..


Good Morning!! :)

May 12, 2011 - 5 comments

sice I'v been sooo dramatic and borring lately thut I'd drop some thing cute for a morning smile!

hope u like it

Ultrasound feedback

May 11, 2011 - 19 comments

Well I get to the Dr's Clinic at around 2 pm was very empty his nurse was there no1 else....hmm unusual..where's the Dr? she replied: he's in the OR we've been referring his patients to other Drs ..hmm ok I dnt mind..
so they sent me to the observation room..nurse says my BP is a lil high for I'm a bit concerned..I went in to c the Dr she's nice..quite young for a consultant...around early 30s..
she put me on the u/s but said her machine is obsolete and that she doesn't expect 2c much ..well she tried abdominally first but cudnt c anything but a blurry sac.. so she shifted to trans-vaginal which only also showed a sac a clear one. she says it looks good but she needs to refer me to radiology for a better ultrasound hence, view.. so I went in for an appointment and they said saturday..stormed out n took my referral with me..
I hate this day!!  gaaah ...very disappointed..
don't know what to think now..

Oh what a night

May 11, 2011 - 6 comments

I had a terrible night last was awful even more!..
slept at 1am  woke up at two for the toilet of course and Oh my !!..I felt SO much pain in my lower tummy like I'v NEVER had pain in my life..they're not cramps thu..just HORRIBLE pain..dont know how to describe them even..
anyways I got out of bed from the pain then felt really dizzy, couldn't breath, sweating like crazy..then fainted!.
The worst thing was when I called DH and he was SO asleep that he didn't even react..I kept screaming n screaming to wake him up until I fainted..Men r useless sometimes..
anyways finally woke up "alone" and got to the toilet had a glass of orange juice and went back to bed..
then at 4 I wake up with a BAD heart was beating so fast I was sweating again and shaking..y? no Idea.
I put myself to sleep again and wake up at 6 with a horrible nightmare...auugh can't believe how bad this night was!
but then slept again until now which is 9:30..