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Mar 06, 2012 - 10 comments

hcg shot

Just did my HCG shot at 10:30 p.m. and I am so nervous that I didn't do it correctly that it has me in tears... deep sigh... I feel like crying. Idk how other women do this all of the time. My hats off to them. Last year when I had the HCG shot, a nurse did it for me. This time, I was on my own. I pray to God I did it right.

Praying to Conceive Baby #1

2/28/12 Pre-Medicated U/S

Feb 28, 2012 - 0 comments

IUI first time

Had a pre-medicated u/s done today. It went well but I am honestly just so discouraged, more than ever actually. I really hate feeling this way... Hope for the best, expecting the worst I suppose!

Next appointment is 3/6/12.

Praying to Conceive Baby #1

Not Sure

Nov 28, 2011 - 0 comments

I am not positive but I am guessing I ovulated either Sunday 11-27 or Monday 11-28, so I am just going to go with (Monday) CD 14 as my ovulation day because all of the signs were there! No sure if sperm can live long enough but we bed on CD 11 and CD 12... Heres to high hopes none the less!

Praying to Conceive Baby #1


Nov 15, 2011 - 18 comments

So out of no where, I had a gush of brown blood today around noon. CD day 16. SO OUT OF THE NORM FOR ME. So right away I emailed my fertility doctor and I explained to him that I started my period on 10/8 and then again on 10/31 (which means I only had a 23 day cycle) and now today (which would mean only a 15 day cycle). I asked him if I could be pregnant and he ordered a HCG blood test, which I took tonight and it came back <5, which I assume is negative. But if the bleeding I am experiencing today was caused by implantation bleeding, wouldn't it be too soon to get a positive result?

Please help if you can, I am desperate and have never been through this before, sigh :(

11/15/11 @ 10:30 pm
I decided to add a pic of what it looked like when I wiped, sorry if its tmi, I am just desperate.

More of a scanty reddish brown bleeding all day with dull cramps.

Only brown discharge/spotting all day with dull cramping.

Only brown spotting all day, dull cramping earlier during the day.

Having lower back cramping, kind of dull, not sure if af is going to show up soon.

BFN!!  :'( ... I knew it would be, sigh..... Now I just wait for af to show.

I now have an ultrasound appointment scheduled for next Friday the 25th. My doctor wants to take a look at my uterus lining. So we shall see what happens.

Praying to Conceive Baby #1