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Jun 22, 2014 - 2 comments

Hi ladies. ..Nicole is almost 8 weeks and not smiling much or giving me much eye contact. She looks over me or she's mad at me. Should I be concerned?

Need sleeping arrangement advice!!!

Mar 17, 2014 - 5 comments

Hi beautiful ladies! I'm here asking for your advice...

So our new baby Nicole Marie (LOL...that's her name TODAY...still can't decide!) will be here in 7 weeks. We don't have enough bedrooms for both girls to be in their own room for now. So I'm asking to see what you all think...or what you've done with your own children.

We are thinking of either 1)  putting Daniella in a toddler bed and the baby in the crib in the same room (Daniella will be 19 months) from the beginning.  OR 2) keeping Daniella as is by herself in her room and having the baby in a bassinet for a couple of months then putting the baby in with Daniella when she gets a better sleep schedule.

Daniella is a good sleeper most of the time. If I put the baby in there since day 1 will they get used to each other or will it disrupt her sleep is my concern....


concerned :-(

Oct 16, 2013 - 13 comments

Hi Ladies...just need some reassurance and prayers....

I went to my first OB visit yesterday. He did an ultrasound and the baby measured at 9 weeks 1 day but was 9 weeks 6 days.

Also, there was a visible pocket of fluid in my uterus. He told me not to do anything strenuous or lift heavy items. That in 4 weeks we 'would see what happens'.

Ok. First, isn't it bad when the baby measures 5 or more days off? And the what is the fluid? :-( Just being panicky. Wish I were still going with my RE. (Did email him though).

Thanks for letting me be crazy.


Sep 11, 2013 - 29 comments

Got my number's from my RE today.

Monday was 11 dp FET. My beta was 375.

Today (Wed) was 13 dp FET. My beta was 929.

I think she was surprised because I was asked  twice..."We ONLY transferred ONE embie, RIGHT????"  I'm thinking they are thinking it might have split?  I remember with Daniella my first beta was 333 and my second was 862 and we did start out with twins.

Oh my....I'm  a little nervous! Guess we will see what is in there at our first ultrasound September 26 at 8:30!

Hugs my friends!!!