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Combo feeding. ADVICE PLEASE!?

Feb 24, 2012 - 0 comments










Ok so Lilly-May's bottom lip naturally curls inwards making latching difficult. Although its not every time so can feed but makes me sore. The Health visitor said i could combo feed using formula and topping up with the boob but not every feed, that way she will get my milk and as its not every feed wont make me sore. so this is what im doing. I've been expressing but hate it as it takes so long and can never find the time so basically she manily getting formula, i express about 3 times a day and put her on the boob a couple of times,
Im now worried now ive finally got comfitable with how im feeding because im not doing it every 4 hours like i was told my milk will dry up!?

Advice please???

lilly-May's birthday!

Feb 13, 2012 - 2 comments

Ok so as most of you know i've been incredibly uncomfitable for a while now and doing LOTS of walking to try and get her to come out. The week before i'd walked a good 3-4 miles with my mum and the day (Thursday) before Sam and i had a walk through a country park. When we got home from our walk i had said to Sam i wasn't feeling great and was stupidly tired so went and had an  hours sleep. When i woke i felt worse, as it was a Thursday Sam hosts the local pub quiz which normaly i love to go to. Around 6pm i had started getting BH and felt rubbish so for the 1st time decided to stay home and not go to the quiz. When Sam returned home around 11pm i was still having BH and although they were coming roughly 10 mins apart weren't getting stronger so thought nothing of it. When i woke in the morning (friday) around 10am they seemed to have stopped, they were still there but further apart so thought they were going off.
Around 12.30pm i was still in my PJ's planning on having lazy day. I was mid conversation with a freind on the phone when i felt pressure then a small 'pop', followed by a trickle. I quickly went to the loo and some more came out, when i wiped it was clear so checked to see what part it was coming from, ( wasn't pee!!). As i was only wearing a small pantie linner i thought best if i went and put on a maternity pad, as i was walking to the bedroom i had a 'proper' contraction. (Ouch!!).
So i sat back on the loo and called Sam as he was out signing on the radio and luckily was on his way home, as he returned like a second later. He was panicing bless him, I wanted to wait as thought contractions wasn't that far apart then all of a suden i relised they were like 3 mins apart, So off we went. Getting down 4 flights of stairs wasn't much fun!.
We got to the hospital a about 1.30pm, i was already 4cm, i just had gas & air. it only seemed like seconds and all of a suden i was 10cm and pushing!. She was born shortly after at 2.50pm, no stuggles, no stitches, just quick and easy! I couldn't ask for a better birth really. Although the last month hasn't been great i can't realy complain.

Just soooooooo happy i can finally say im a mummy. :-)

Breast to bottle!

Feb 11, 2012 - 1 comments

SO today we went home all dooing really well.. I was breast feeding well and Lilly-May was taking it as quick as i could give it, A few hours after being home my nipples stared to get sore, Then during the night they were so sore i was in tears. It was terrrible, i couldn't feed my own baby, i felt like such a faliure and couldn't do anything other then cry. Luckily we had brought a premade formular for a 'just in case moment' so after ringing the midwife at 5am in tears she ensured me Lilly-May will be ok if i went straight to formular and said she would send out a midwife in the day to come and have a chat.
So around 2pm Lilly-May had only had one full bottle (3oz) and sleeped the entire day!. I felt terrible, thinking maybe she was poorly or it was something i had done.
The midwife cheacked her over and said she was fine, checked my notes that said over and over how well i was doing at feeding and Lilly-May was latching on well ect. It turns out her bottom lips naturaly curls inwards causing her to only half latch, As im large breasted i couldn't see her bottom lip and as all the signs where there pointing to the fact she was fine everyone missed it. So the long and the sort of it all is, I feel a whole lot better knowing it wasn't anything i was doing,
I've formular fed her since then giving my boobs the much needed rest and as of tomorrow im going to try and express, so although it will still be in a bottle it will be my milk. I will miss actually breast feeding though as even though it was only for a day and a half, she was feeding almost every hour and i just loved the feeling and watching her. Never mind. Hopfully knowing shes having my milk and not some powder will give me the same feeling. I will update when i know how its going.

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To labour or not to labour... That is the question!!!

Jan 25, 2012 - 2 comments






Rightio all. Today Wednesday 25th January 2012 at 7:12pm. I think, and thats a massive think im in early stages of labour.
My baby has ALWAYS been really active, The last 2-3 days she has quietened down imensaly but still 10+ so was no need to panic, Have been doing loads of loooooooong walks the past week, eating pineapple, drinking raspberry tea and having spicy food.
Last night i hardly slept (which at the mo isn't uncommon!) but since i got up (around 9am) she has been going crazy like having a dance competion in my belly, Normally this happens between 6 and 9pm and lasts about half an hour to an hour then goes of, but today ALL DAY, its going on 10 and a half hours now and still no signs of letting up.
I've been incredibily uncomfy today and what ever im doing isn't reliving it. Even having a bath which i love, i was in it all of 20 mins and had to get out!, since last night i've had increased indegestion and for the last 5 hours or so have felt quite nausiated.
Braxton Hicks are roughly around 10 - 40 mins apart but i don't think there going to turn into the real thing just yet.
I've googled and have seen alot of people have had increaed movements at the begining and not everyone has a 'show' before things start to happen so this is what makes me think.
My back is terribly tender and with every 'contration' i get an increased ache and like a 'shock' down below but not enough i don't think to call the midwife.

Not entirlly sure what i feel like, just uncomfy and abit crappy really. Proper fed up as it doen't seem to be stopping nor getting worse. I just know im going to be one of these people who labour for like 4 days or something!!!!

Will keep you all posted.... x