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12 weeks more!

Jan 05, 2012 - 2 comments

Hepatitus C

Hello everybody, Happy New Year! I have 12 more weeks left of TX with Boceprevir. I am so tired of this, but it is so worth it! This is my 3rd week that I had to use neupogen. Last night my refrigerator door was left cracked open, everything in there was at room temp. I hope the neupogen will be okay, I injected it this morning. Since using the neupogen, I definitely feel more achey and get more head aches, and a few migranes. Anyway, enough about me, I'd love to hear where your at today with your treatment progress. xo

Half Way through with TX!

Dec 19, 2011 - 3 comments

Hepatitus C

Well, I am still UND! This Friday, I will be at 14 weeks! Today I feel a little achey, a little tummy ache, but I'm pushing through here at work. Good health is not to be taken for granted. I hope i never forget that when this is all over. I am so proud of all of you who are being treated, or dealing with other life issues. as for me, I did sprain my knee last week, so it doesn't make it easier, but I know it will be okay, I go to see an orthopedic doctor today. It's always something these days, if you know what I mean. Anyway, happy holidays people! Thank you for all your support through these hard times! xo

Almost through with week 6

Oct 25, 2011 - 3 comments

hep c

Well, after the first month of TX, with Interfuron and Ribivirin, it was not easy but I managed to push through. I still haven't missed a day of work here in the office. I started Boceprevir at week 5, which was 11 days ago. I sure am weak and tired and dizzy and nauseous. It comes and goes, but I am struggling. Last night I had chills and body aches, but no fever. I guess it's just the flu like symptoms. it seems like these symptoms hit me a different day each week. My HGB was at 10.7 before I started Boceprevir, so if it drops more, i may start on Procrit, hopefuly, that will help with this feeling of weakness. Aside from all the side effects, I know this is going to be worth it. My viral load was already <43 at week 4, it is probabaly UND by now! :)  I plan to keep up on mild exercise like walking, and pilates. It helps a lot. Other than that, thank you all for yor support, and for sharing your stories with me on this forum.

Injection # 1... I made it through the first 30 hours!

Sep 18, 2011 - 10 comments

well, I started Pagasys and ribi last night. I got a few head aches so far and my body aches in my bones, but nothing major. Mild flu like symptoms. I felt very weak this morning, but slept in, then got up and did my pilates workout routine. By the way, if you want good simple strengthening exersise, go to, it's free and amazing. It keeps me strong, and I plan to keep it up, no matter what. Now I feel like an insomniac, I can't seem to get sleepy, it's 11 pm, I feel amped, wierd.