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Shooting pain in heart

Jul 26, 2011 - 9 comments

Strange things happening. Yesterday during lunch with a friend, my hearing went really fuzzy, almost quiet like right beforeyou're going to faint. Stopped and just breathed for a while and it went away. Five different times last evening I suddenly got dizzy for just a few seconds and it went away. The later it got, the more my heart was hurting and then by the time I went to bed I was having shooting pains especially when I would breath in. I thought rest would help. It feels a little better today but I'm still experienceing some pain in the heart and shooting pains. The only thing I can think of is I had a diet pepsi yesterday at Applebees or maybe my med for acid reflux. On the upside, I went to bed for the first time in many weeks without acid coming up into my throat. Hope today goes better.

One month post ablation for SVT progress

Jul 07, 2011 - 4 comments

post ablation







One month ago today I had my procedure for SVT. Reflecting back over the past month, if I could give anyone advice through what I've experienced it would be to take it easy for a month after the procedure. In my mind, I felt so wonderful and eager to start living a life, but my body wasn't willing.  My heart just wouldn't let me, it needed to heal. If I pushed it too hard, I would feel a tightness in my chest with pain and shortness of breath. Now a month later, I'm able to walk on the treadmill for a mile, even though I'm still building up to where I was before the ablation.  While resting my heart felt great and that fooled me into thinking I was good to go when the heart wasn't. It had been injured with that burn and that takes time to heal.

Now I have to tackle a few other health issues:  getting my bad back into shape and start losing weight again. I started taking supplements again yesterday. Before the ablation, I didn't trust anything I was taking and I still won't take krill oil. I still get a lot  of PACs and my EP told me that wouldn't change. But, I can tolerate them more because I know the PAC won't lead to SVT. I've had extra early PACs a few times because I've felt the long pause that would usually end in SVT. That is something I have to get used to. It feels now like my heart stops beating for a moment and that is a little scary. It's strange to feel such stillness, whereas before with the SVT, I felt like I could die with the pounding and racing heart out of control.

One of the things I've loved to do is to help others in this forum become aware that they don't have to live with SVT. I had a lady in my town call me  who has SVT. I was so glad to be able to tell her it could be fixed and to get right to a good EP. There are so many who suffer from this, who go for years like I did not knowing that it can be fixed. I wish there was a way to make more people aware. I wish there was a way to let regular gps and even cardios know that they just need to get people to an EP if a person has electrical problems. They are the experts. I'll never forget my EP looking right at me and asking, "Why hasn't anyone sent you to me before?" I wondered the same thing.

Each day that goes by, I feel more grateful that I had it done. I'm still cautious with my heart, a survival mechanism I suppose, but I'm ready to move on

Three weeks post ablation

Jun 28, 2011 - 1 comments

It's been 3 weeks today since my ablation and I'm feeling more and more normal. Last Friday was the first day I felt like I was really getting back on things without my heart hurting or the lightning pains. Yesterday I walked on the treadmill for almost a mile before at 2.5 before I felt like I couldn't anymore. Today I'm going to try for a mile and just build up a little each day. Reading the posts in here has helped me know what to expect on this road back to complete recovery.

One of the hardest things to realize through all of this is that the SVT is not coming back. It hit me last night while sitting on the porch swing with my husband and I was quite emotional about it. It has been with me for over 20 years and has been a part of who I am, part of my identity and it's gone. No longer do I have to have it as  part of my profile.In fact I'm going to change my profile in here as SVT free!


Jun 27, 2011 - 0 comments

Went to the doctors in Feb for heart problems and they put a 24 hour monitor on me. The results came back with a diagnosis handwritten on the top: ventricular tacycardia. I was referred to the cardio and he looked at the 24 hour monitor results and said they were bogus and the monitor was faulty so he put the king of hearts monitor on me and correctly diagnosed SVT. When the ep saw the 24 hour monitor results he said the leads must have been put on wrong. I asked him to write down on the 24 hour monitor results  his findings so I could challenge the $200 my insurance wouldn't pay. (They'd already paid $600) He wrote down, "results are uninterpretable because of excess noise" and signed his name. I took that paper into the office today and talked to the office manager. She talked to the gp  who ordered the monitor and the  gp is saying I need to pay because he could read enough to come up with a diagnosis even though he wasn't willing to say today what that diagnosis was and there is not a diagnosis in my records and I'm wondering why not? I again explained to this wanna be nazi office manager that my ep taught at a university and I thought he knew what he was talking about and the cardio should too. So she went back to the doctor again and came back with the same answer that the gp stood by his decision that I owed the money. Does this scream of unprofessionalism??? I had experts in the field of cardiology both say the results were bogus and the gp say he can read them. Is something wrong with this picture. I suggested they call my cardio or ep and get the doctors together to talk and get back to me later because this stubborn lady wouldn't budge and I was tired of wasting my time with her. I thought, if I went to the store for a gallon of  milk and found out it was sour when I got back home, I could take the gallon of milk right back and they'd refund my money. The grocery store is more ethical that the "professional" gp.

My husband went ahead and paid it anyway after I got done talking to them, but called our insurance company and they told us how to challenge it. This isn't about the money anymore, it's about the principle of the whole thing.  Ugh! If I hadn't had an ablation, there is a good chance I would be in SVT right now! I hate confrontation!