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Prostate Biopsy -- Risks Outweigh Benefits.

Oct 06, 2015 - 0 comments

Prostate biopsy




mortality rate

It depends on what study you wish to quote but all studies into the risks of prostate biopsy show that it does have a mortality rate. A met-analysis of these studies would probably come up with a figure of about 1% mortality from prostate biopsy. Most of these deaths are as a result of septicemia. In order to reach the prostate with a biopsy needle the operator must pass the needle through the rectal wall. This is an area of known bacterial growth - hence the infection.

If as appears to be the case, prostate biopsy carries a significant mortality rate then it can be argued that the risks outweigh the potential benefits. Have a listen to this:

Delayed Ejaculation

Sep 22, 2015 - 0 comments

Delayed ejaculation






Retrograde ejaculation


Premature ejaculation

Everyone knows about premature ejaculation but less is written about delayed ejaculation or ejaculatory incompetence as it used to be known by. This is a distressing situation where a man cannot ejaculate through intercourse or sex with another but may have little problem when alone self pleasuring.

Here are some common causes for delayed ejaculation as I see it in my daily medical practice:  

(1) History or prone or face down masturbation as an exclusive form of masturbation.

(2) The taking of any medicine or drug either prescribed or recreational. Chief suspects are antidepressants, sedatives, major psychotheraputics, codeine, cough bottles, Finasteride for hair loss, cannabis, cocaine, etc.

(3) A history of EVER having taken any of these things.

(4) Delayed ejaculation may also be situational in that a man may have it with one partner but not with another.

The management of delayed ejaculation  will depend on first finding the cause.