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Jan 26, 2016 - 0 comments










This hospital Already killed my oldest.... If Michael dies because they convince him, "nothings wrong" and Hes fine... I want it to be said here, Mid Valley Hospital Will have been the Hospital that killed both of my children...

He went in with the same symptoms that they sent Justin home on, very few months later, he died....

Justins cause of death was his heart, it was hereditary, it killed him. This hospital told him, he had anxiety...
He Died!!!

I won't give them peace if they cause Michael to falsely believe he is okay, when he shows every sign of the same thing!!!

There will be nothing in the world that will let me be "nice" to the world, anything to do with his medical will regret their existence... If I loose Michael, my last son alive, to the same "genetic" heart condition, or anything that is close to what Justin died from, because of MID VALLEY Hospitals NEGLEGENCE,  that I lost my 1st Baby to at 26... There ere NO WORDS AT THE WRATH OF HELL I WILL BRING TO THEM!!!!!


Jan 20, 2016 - 0 comments






Well. if my dividends did come, they must of gone to my last acct (from AK) because they're not
in my current account. Tried to access that last acct & they said it's locked. So, better
start calling around. "Yay....."

Watching the neighbor across the street try to straighten his little SUV out in his parking lot
It's a personal parking lot, let it sit where it is, Geesh! There slushy snow is too damn deep right now
for perfection...  What Ever...

Really did Way too much sleep "this morning" Really Disturbing kinds of dreams. Maybe the
Chantix, hard to say. Definitely too long & TOO HOT...  Messes with my whole mood...

Made Way too may beans last night. Going to be sending some with Michael tonight...

Going to drink my coffee & be a veg in front of the TV & try to snap out of "this..." for a bit.


Jan 20, 2016 - 0 comments






Work cut my hours pretty bad next week. I emailed Karlyn, & mentionioned I'd
noticed & asked if there was a reason...

She asked me to be patient for "them", they're training a couple of new girls, should
all be normal some time in Feb.
Where the **** is that my fault, problem or WHAT???

That won't pay my bills...

makes No Sense at all!!!
Meanwhile, Bobs loosing hours hand over fist... How the H.... am I supposed to pay my bills?

Supposed to get dividends... Late, either way, it'll never be anything "THAT I CAN DO ANYTHING WITH"
everyone will always cut just enough off of my everyday earnings so that even when I should be able to
consider income tax returns or a small dividend something that I actually, "mine to spend", I will never be
able to... It's my curse..
Lucky to survive, (good thing some might say...) I say, I want to be more than just , lucky to survive!
I want to move forward, get ahead & Breath!

What I want has never been important...

What "I Get, I'm just lucky for... (When my lucks not stealing from me....)


Jan 15, 2016 - 0 comments




















Yesterday I "attempted" to fix the netting over the hen run. Too much buried under too much snow.
cleaned up the hen house some & some how threw my back muscles out good.
But... Productive for my lazy day off...

Today, I found out I have been going off a schedule for work that didn't exist.
I can't understand how I didn't notice the split in my shift on Tuesday or today.
SO Glad Karlyn brought it to my attn. today though or I would have missed more hrs that I can't afford

Our new movies arrived today.

Can't figure out what to do with this new rash of eczema? that has hit the top of my scalp.
I'll take My Drs word for it, but these bumps aren't like Anything my Rosacea or Eczema I have ever
experienced. these "lumps" at least the last 2, actually are more tender to my "brain" matter
than to my scalp. They're actually feeling like they're pushing more, "in" than out.

Something I'll have to check into another date n time,,,

Going to go to bed & watch movies tonight... Time for some me time before have to start work
all over again in the morning,

Good Night!