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AFib @ 2:08 pm

Jul 20, 2011 - 0 comments

AFIB @ 2:08pm. Just took a break from getting the upstairs in order with Jim. Was just sitting at the computer and WHAM it came on hard! Got shakey.  131/93 P128 @ 2:15. Took 300mg Flec @ 2:16. Didn’t mess around this time!
134/80 P117 @ 2:20,  105/73 P78 @ 2:45,  111/83 P130 @ 3:00,  99/59 P 84 @ 3:05-(Weird, so I took it again within a couple mins & I FELT my heart convert at this time! Was like a BIG Thunk, then NSR!), 111/66 P 82 @ 3:10.
I sat for just a few minutes after I converted but wanted to continue to help Jim upstairs, so I went up there and helped move the Futon into Mike's room. After reading about Flecainide, I shouldn't do that! I will be more cautious in the future.
Going to finally make an appoinment with my cardio, maybe (if I am lucky) with an EP.

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AFib @ 6:25 pm

Jul 11, 2011 - 0 comments

I'm in AFib right now! For the first time in over a year! I haven't had an event like this since the visit to AZ last year!
I had just finished eating dinner:Fried rice (cauliflower) with meat & just took my 325mg Aspirin & 50mg Metoprolol when it turned on like a light switch! Came on strong too! Fish flopping in my chest along with my neck aching something terrible! Had twinges of pain on my left breast midway between my collar bone & my nipple. Even had twinges in my right arm. Thoughts of heart attack always pops into my head! Then anxiety croops up of course...
So, I waited a good half hour to let the metoprolol work...and my heart rate went up! So, For the first time I had to take my pill-in-pocket Flecainide. My doctor told me to take either 100mg at a time and wait half hour-an hour then take another up to 300mg. I got to 200mg. I am still in AFib right now 9:41pm, but I am able to take it no prob. It isn't anywhere close to what it was earlier!
I feel tired and "off-kilter". I can still take the other 100mg of Flec if I need too. I don't think I will. I hope!
Almost forgot: I really wasn't as "tachy" as I usually get. @ 6:35pm:132/93 P92, @8pm: 132/94 P115,  @9:03pm: 108/71 P81.
I've been eating good today too! Sticking to induction! Even made some oopsie rolls for the first time! (Not sure if I like them. Will have to try again!)

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