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Owen Benjamin! Birth Story.

Nov 23, 2009 - 6 comments

Finally, this little man has made his arrival! I know I would still be pregnant if it had not been for my doctor wanting to induce me. He was born on 11/17 at 9:23 pm. He weighed 6 lbs 15 oz (WAY smaller than I thought he would be!) and was 19 in long. Labor was drug free and went well, except for his heart rate dipping with contractions a few times. They said it was most likely cord compression and I believe the cord was around his neck when he was born. HR was dipping into the 50's as I was pushing which caused a bit of panic and me to cry ): I started pushing like wild just to get him out as fast as I could! He came perfectly healthy in every way, except for just a bit of jaundice which they said they weren't worried about. He is a terrible latcher with nursing but I am hoping to combat that problem very soon!! I will not give up!

Tuesday morning I woke up and was getting ready for work when I looked in the mirror and had a huge blurred area of vision where I couldn't even see part of my face. This was followed by a headache on the left side. I called and they told me to come in. My BP was up, but not dangerously so, although I was running really low previously so for me it was high. I had somewhat hyper reflexes and a trace of protein in my urine so they decided to induce that day. I was in shock but excited!! I was still only dilated to 2 cm and only 25% effaced when they checked me. I thought my exam was very rough when they checked me, it hurt like crazy and even caused a bit of bleeding. Baby was still very high as well.

So they moved me into a birthing room and told me they were going to start with a foley catheter. NO WAY!!! It was because I was not really ready yet for pitocin. I guess they like to start using it when women around at least 3 or 4 cm. Anyhow, I was confused and thought they had already started the pitocin because I was really crampy and having a lot of nearly regular contractions. I just assumed the pit had been started! They came in and said only the antibiotics and fluids had been started (I was GBS +) and checked me again before the foley catheter was used. Low and behold I was in true labor!! They are pretty sure that rough first exam I had set me into labor. THANK GOD!!! Once pitocin was started they had to keep increasing it every half an hour or so. It took HOURS to get past a 4 or 5! Then, once I was about a 6 it was less than an hour until he was born! I go quick once I hit that point. Contractions with pitocin are so painful!! But, I was able to do it with no epidural which I had planned for myself again. No episiotomy either. This makes 6 babies with no tears. Yay (:

He is beautiful! We are in love all over again. Brody is adjusting to having a baby brother but so far he is doing great. He just seems to want to "tuddle" with mommy a bit more than he did before, especially when I'm nursing. So, I usually hand him off to Daddy or one of the girls so I can get some special time in with my boy (: We usually read a story or play with his legos. It's special time!

Thanks for the congrats and well wishes everyone. I will post pics as soon as I can. I have tried several times and it keeps giving me an error.

Almost 39 weeks update

Nov 11, 2009 - 10 comments

Well, well, well...what can I say. 2 cm dilated, 25% effaced, baby still pretty high. Fluid levels good according to US, weight loss this week of 1 lb from last week. BP good. Doc wouldn't strip my membranes today because I tested GBS +. However, she isn't my regular doctor and my doc last week was going to do it if conditions were favorable, which they were/are not. My next appt is 11/19, ONE day before my due date of 11/20. That is with my regular doc. Maybe she will strip me. Maybe it will work. I just never thought I would make it to my due date. I haven't been this pregnant in over 16 years!! I'll tell you also, being this pregnant at 36 is a LOT different than being this pregnant at 20! I feel it. Everywhere. My joints ache so bad. My hips, pains shooting down into my legs, back pain. I'm just ready for this to be over with and it feels like it never will. I know realistically that isn't possible but even a week seems like an eternity. I do NOT want to be my only option is to wait it out. UGH...castor oil here I come! LOL...

37 week update

Oct 30, 2009 - 17 comments

Had my appt today. I've lost a pound! Yay (: I think it's pretty normal this late in the pregnancy. Although, with all the eating I've been doing I don't know how it's possible. I have been more hungry in these past few weeks than I have been the whole pregnancy! BP was at an all time low, surprisingly! It was 107/66! That is excellent for 37 weeks. I knew it wasn't high though, since I have absolutely no swelling. Honestly, I feel probably better than I have for weeks. How can that be?! I'm supposed to be miserable right now, right? Well, I'm not. Thank GOD! I can hold out for a few more weeks. It sounds like my doctor may try to strip my membranes if I want her to at my next appt but I'm not sure if I want her to. She checked me today and last week I was closed and 20% effaced. This week I'm about 1 cm dilated and 40% effaced. Her words were that my cervix is still pretty thick and even though she could feel his head she said it's still pretty high. I've made a little progress but not much. I'm okay with that. My husband has told me that baby has to wait until at least November 14th. We shall see (: I am a bit sore from her checking me though. Maybe she disrupted things in there a little bit for me ;)

Next appt in 6 days. Next Thursday, 11/5. Hopefully a little bit more progress. I wonder how big this boy will be. Any guesses? At 34 weeks Brody was born at 5 lbs 7 oz. My guess is that he will be 7 lbs 10 oz. I had to laugh, my 10 year old guessed that he will be 6-8 lbs :-D

Why would God do this? I hate cancer!!!

Jul 23, 2009 - 9 comments

My ex brother in law, whom I have remained friends with died yesterday of cancer. He has fought a long, hard battle and believed he would beat it!! He left a wife and four children. He was up and talking to everyone the day before!! His death was very unexpected this soon. He's 31. His kids are 12, 9, 7 and 20 months. Why would God take him from his family?? He is my daughters uncle and they were able to be there when he passed. I came shortly after. Something peaceful about seeing someone who has passed in their natural surroundings, but still, not natural to see children crying over their Father that was taken from them too soon. He was such a great Dad, husband and friend. I feel so bad for them all. Please, keep them in your thoughts and prayers. If you want to see him, here is his website. Please be respectful if you visit.
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