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Started my MACALife today

Jun 02, 2011 - 1 comments


So I discovered this new herbal supplement and it came today and I took my first pill. I really hope it works!


May 14, 2011 - 0 comments









pre menopause

UPDATE: alot of my symptoms seem to be that for years I have been pre menopause! as in since i was about 35! I left my appt and picked up those new womens health centrum (or one day) menopause with soy bioflavones to take.

ANTIDEPRESSANT: switched from lexapro back to paxil (which I havent had since about 2002)
STILL ON: xanax, klon,and atarax as needed   and nightly requip (for restless legs) and TOPOMAX as needed for anger and irritation which has been on going since about 2001-2002 which could be mix pre meno and my anxiety/depress

THE USUAL: albuterol as needed and allegra for allergies

she doesnt think i had a heart attack yet....but am OVER stressed and giving me a week to calm down and I am still going take baby asprin once a day and if things dont improve i get a stress test.

DENTAL: good news will be easy to take all the teeth since they are all wore down to the gum line, can do them all in a day and do denture impressions prior to that and take home some "generic" dentures so that two weeks after the stitches dissolve i have some dentures to wear as needed til I heal completely and get the good ones....
BAD NEWS: my upper palate is pretty smooth, no ridge to hold or support denture so I need 4 instead of 2 implants but IM NOT complaining cause I wanted those denture implants anyhow *typically 2 on bottom 2 on top* but i will have 2 bottom 4 on in one way its good cause now I cant be denied them.....ALSO means I can sleep in them 24-7  never ever have to worry about mishaps of them popping out.

FUN NEWS: i get to pick the color and shapes and I want some nice sharp canines (eye teeth--incisors) never in my life not even in childhood did I have any. I have never ever been able to tear with them, or bite or chew apple peal, or anything even slightly tough. I dont want the new fangs people are getting but pretty darn close!!!! maybe like Avril Lavigne or a little charper   def not the madison (on the bachelor) though LOL

so thats that for now.

Today--the chest pains

May 06, 2011 - 1 comments

Chest pains





I spent 4 hours and $30 in gas in one little area trying to get my photo shoots for my boss done. I spent 7 hours today photo shopping. Finally got them uploaded to her.
I cried a lot because my daughter promised to photo shop--she can do it in her sleep--well she was MIA all day. So I cried through hours of trying to do it. 5 of the pics she did which left me with 5. All in all they were ok.  
The chest pains came and went.
I took 2 325mg aspirin and .50 klon to maintain myself.
I go wed to see if I had a mini heart attack. Im so scared,

BUT a good note....the boss got them and loved them all!!!
In exchange I get half page add in this local magazine plus my pics published to get my business going!
I AM SO excited. I have dreamt this for years and spent $1000 abt 15 months ago on my canon rebel eos 1000D
so finally...GOD IS ANSWERING prayer...its all coming together!!!!


May 01, 2011 - 1 comments




Today was slightly better. Got on the scales and lost a few. Did the new treadmill this morning. Got a little studying done but mostly learned several things in photo shop and will begin taking appointments for people wanting their pictures done :)
My photography, exercising, my NOOK that i just got! (woot woot) and of course my baby girl are the things in life that keep me moving everyday and keep me getting up!

(picture is my kitty LOKI)