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Synthroid TSH Corellation Maybe?

Aug 05, 2008 - 10 comments

I suddenly gained 9 lbs with no alteration to my diet or regime?  My only thought is that on 5/15/08 my Synthroid changed from 88mcgs to 75mcgs and it's now time for a bloodtest to see the new TSH.  I am certainly more hypo and maybe that is the reason it suddenly packed on one day it seems out of the blue .. not like a normal weight gain.

But my TSH and overall well being and sleep and anxiety are all normal and feeling great so I won't trade off those excellent aspects to the 75mcg Synthroid daily for anything.

I take Synthroid since 1/07 when I had a partial thyroidectomy and the other side decided not to work which happens in 20% of the cases, along with two small incidental pap micro findings along wtih 2 very benign larger nodules found upon surgery.

Sooooooooooooooo my prior 10lb wt. loss now is equal to 19lbs ..... hmmmmm is what I say.