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Why !!!!!!!!!!

Jun 23, 2011 - 0 comments

I been married for about 9 months my husband in the army and i don't know if i was really for it i give up every thing to just have him by my side ..... I'm home getting every thing ready for us to go to jersey tomorrow and i been calling and texting him all day his phone was off den on den i spoke to him at 3:30 and i been calling from dis morning he said his phone broke ... like he think he be talking to a kid like i told him im going with u on post he broke out dis morning ..... den pull the **** with the phone im so sacred to think da my husband is seeing some body else ..... lady's tell me if ya think this is funny my husband  has a x wife and she getting married on the 2 of July and we going to jersey tomorrow and we not getting back to the 5 of July what would ya think because im already thinking it i need to hear  it from some body else i think my husband is a lil mad that she getting married but he tells me that he not that he don't care so i ask him so y we staying out there for so long he told me because we don't have money to *** back ..... i just look at him and started thinkii is that true he has kids with dis girl and i hate dis ***** with ever bone in my body i don't talk to her we already got in to it a while back i feel that im to pretty to fight over a man but dis is my husband and im sacred that me and my husband is not going to make it .... i think he still hurting that dis ***** left him 3 years ago ...I love dis man but i will kill him if i was to find out he playing me ......  

getting ready

Jun 07, 2011 - 1 comments

As the days count down and the day get closer to my surgery i get more sacred but i put my faith in god hands that he will take care of me that day and for the rest of my life .....I want to start the clomid but i have to do the surgery first den the pills den the iui every day i woke up that all i could think about is me being a mommy and a great one at that ....I pray to have a family with my husband if that the last thing i do ....That all my husband  wants is to have a child with me ..... we have the house the dog but no child yet to love .... i look at the picture's of lady's and see there belly and be like damn when that going to happen to me and my husband but i have faith that all will *** to us and i will be a mommy b 4 i could think bout it .... I pray when i was younger that i will get married b4 i turn 25 and i did i got married at 23 and im 24 now in a few months i will be 25 i said after 25 i dont want no kids because i will feel to old i still want to be a young mother and watch my child to grow as a adult ....   but lady keep the faith for me as well and keep me in prayer thanks lady's take care  

counting down

Jun 04, 2011 - 0 comments

getting ready for my surgery 9 days  from now and den my iui im so ready to be a mommy im 24 years old married and im  ready for my own family i need some body to talk to that want thw tis and had a success please help ..... lady

Thank you baby

May 29, 2011 - 0 comments

i give my very welcome to my husband and his soldiers because if it was not or them i dnt know where we will be right ..... I'm proud to be a army wife i will give my life up to my husband i i have to i thank god that my husband could spend this day with me and the rest of this life i give my blood and tears for his man to see him to day i love u baby