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Jul 17, 2012 - 4 comments

too harsh?


advice needed


outside perspective

This is my first entry after 426days clean.I am always on my phone on the mobile site and this is maybe the2or3rd time Ive been on a desktop here.I guess I am just pondering someting.I have tried to give back,give advice to the absolute best of my knowledge.Ive noticed recently(very the last few days)after not being on her a week or two my advice seems more blunt.Not to people quitting as I know a gentle hand is what I needed at first.This has only been on a couple posts(and maybe in my head who knows)but I responded to 2 different threads today.1was about the woman who got caught at the pharmacy cause she had been writing her own scripts and an investigator is calling her.The other is from a guy who has been with a woman a year and a half(she has6kids),het met her n severe debt has been bailing her out since day one and she is continually relapsing.I am realizing that as I responded to these posts I was brutally honest.I wasnt like that a while back.I ALWAYS tried to be very kind.I feel like maybe because I have a little clean yime under my belt maybe I am forgetting what its like to be active in my addiction.I by no means think I am better than anyone but Im worried I may be coming off that way and thats not my intention.I simply feel like now its best when the answer is so obvious to just be blunt.Should I take abreak from the forum?I dont know.I wish someone could tell me if Im being mean.I am not even sure how this journal thing works and if others can read it(i have never read anyones and didnt notice it until right now.I am hoping u all can read this and tell me what u think(I hope this is public for everyone to read.
I have nothing but the best intentions and dont want to be cruel or hurtful.Oh I c this can be public good.PLEASE if u have the time maybe give me your opinion(if u can read my responses to those 2 threads.Thanks to anyone who takes the time to help me. Sabrina