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June 15th

Jun 15, 2011 - 0 comments

Woke up at 3am texas time, had to do 2 back to bed

June 14th

Jun 14, 2011 - 0 comments

I did less yesterday, do not know how except I was stuck in meetings all afternoon, and today I fly to Houston TX, for Corperate meetings at 6:45am, I love TX for the night life. Got a letter from Pharacist so I can travel with my oxy's, not sure if I should take 15 a day or limit myself to 10 a day

Had 2 before getting out of bed
Had 1 after shower
Had 1 on way to airport (in car)
Had 2 prior to boarding the plane
Landed and checked in, gotta get used to time change, not much but it's noon here
Had 2 after checking in was feeling horrible,
really sucked from airport to hotel, and then checking in could not happen fast enough, today is mine, tomorrow is meetings, what to do in Texas?? Off to the tourism place and see what's all here, first time in Texes.Going to try to keep my consumption down well I am here, I brought 15 for each day, so they have to last,I split them up once i got here into diffrent envelopes as i am here for three days
Got back to hotel around 1am, it sucked i felt like crap had 2

Will Reduce Consumption by 1 a day

Jun 13, 2011 - 0 comments

Today i will start reducing my consumption by hopefully reducing my consumption each morning by 1 80mg oxy for a week

Had 1 this morning before getting out of bed
Had 1 after I was up, I realy needed the 2
Will do 2 on way to work
Did 2 before morning meeting
Did 2 lunch
Did 1 after lunch

Oxy use

Sun June 12

Jun 12, 2011 - 0 comments

Had 2 before leaving bed  160mg
Had 1 when in Livingroom  80mg
Had 1 just can't get rid of the stomach craps
Had 1 gotta do some office work, need to wake up quicker
Had 1 finished some office work
Had 1 before going to friends
Had 2 when got home
Had 2 Before Dinner guests arrived
Had 1 after dinner
Had 1 after cleaning up
Had 1 well watching TV
Will have 2 before bed

Total today was 16 by end of the day,,,,my consumption is higher than I thought