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Will Reduce Consumption by 1 a day

Jun 13, 2011 - 0 comments

Today i will start reducing my consumption by hopefully reducing my consumption each morning by 1 80mg oxy for a week

Had 1 this morning before getting out of bed
Had 1 after I was up, I realy needed the 2
Will do 2 on way to work
Did 2 before morning meeting
Did 2 lunch
Did 1 after lunch

Oxy use

Sat June 11th usuage

Jun 11, 2011 - 0 comments

I snorted 2 80mg oxys when I awoke, and
had to do another 80mg's after washing up, as I was still feeling no energy and out of sorts.
Had to do another 80 started to feel depressed
Had to do another 80 wasnt feeling very good
Had to do another 80 started to feel rough
Had to do another 2 80 feeling real rough
Had to do another 2 80 going out can't do them with the people I will be with
Will do another when i get home 80 to go to bed with

Total Today      11 80mg= 880mg
This is stupid, I can't keep doing this, I would love to have my personal life back and live like the people i work with or are friends with

Oxy use