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New symptoms

Dec 30, 2011 - 0 comments






A few weeks ago I had flu symptoms, the worst I've ever had. Vomiting and severe diarrhea for 3 days every few hrs then vomiting subsided 1/2 way thru 4th day. Fever all 4 days ( low grade).  I also suffered joint pain in feet, glutes, had sharp stabbing pains and inflammation on left side of scalp along with left ear pain.
Dr did blood work with no findings. He referred me to neurologist. I'll see her in a few weeks.
2 days ago I woke up with swelling behind left elbow and pain both arms behind elbows and pain behind. Other knees. Burning sensation on feet. Hurt when hubby tried to rub foot. Too sensitive.
Also have tingling down right leg and foot.
Yesterday there was no burning sensation but pain in elbow and knee areas painful. Wrists also hurt.   Able to cook today with light shopping. No other chores. Layed down rest of time. Fatigue better today (Thursday).  I've got a family to care for. Need to get better soon. Any suggestions on what to do besides ibuprofen?  I take multi vitamins, 4000 mg D3, melatonin to help sleep.