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Facebook is getting on my nerves

Sep 21, 2011 - 0 comments





Anime Convention

They keep changing things. I mean I'm autistic and for me its even worse to deal with. I like having order and routine without dealing with changes every day. But Facebook doesn't care and I've tried telling them one too many times but why would they care? I just hate having autism sometimes and then having one friend who doesn't seem to understand it either.

I'm not saying that Facebook should stop doing things on my account or anyone else with Autism... I just think they need to make it easier so that people like us can change things a certain way to fit our needs.

Anyway, sorry I haven't been on. I'll try to come on here more if I can. x.x It just feels really weird being outside of Facebook and way from my best friends and boyfriend.

But yeah, I've been doing okay lately. I haven't had any problems or anything. I've been getting ready for an anime con which is in ten days so that's actually exciting for me. It helps a lot with my social interaction and whatever so its like therapy. I mean its in my basic interest which is anime so its lots of fun.

I'm actually getting over excited about it. It's coming up in nine days. XD I'll be cosplaying one of my favorite anime females from the anime that I like.

I can't believe she doesn't get it...

Jun 26, 2011 - 3 comments



Asperger Syndrome

So my mom told me she plans on having a cookout for the fourth of july. Yeah, I can handle that no problem... and later we are having fireworks... yeah, big problem... fireworks are like hell for me if they are close by. I told her I could bring out my laptop with the headphones, "You don't need to do that, you're going to be there to socialize" HELLO... SOCIALIZE?! I HAVE ASPERGER SYNDROME!!! I'm not going to socialize if being around people I hardly know very well... my mom 'claims' she knows what autism is and yet she doesn't stop to think about it and realize it... its almost like she forgets I'm even autistic to begin with. I mean I love fireworks but I don't want them that close... nor do I want to ruin the routine of not seeing them...

It just stupid that I have to deal with all of that extra stimulation I don't need. What's worse is I'll be so cluttered with the background noise I'll probably start having a meltdown. My mom won't listen to what I say, nor will she even consider changing the plans. I don't want to not see the fireworks but having them that close is murder to my poor hypersensitive ears...