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Disappointed in me..

Mar 31, 2012 - 0 comments

I started smoking cigarettes again. I thought I had it made.. it had been over 6 months that I had quit them. I had no desire or taste for them and then things really just built up.. I don't get it.. stress had built up on me before and I didn't think about them but not this time.. The craving started in for about about a month and I gave in.. I want to try again to quit. I go to see the doctor in April and will talk to her and see what suggestions she has.. I don't want to go through this back and forth stuff. Yes it does help relieve my stress but, my health is more important..

I'm just so disappointed in myself..

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still making it without smoking

Oct 07, 2011 - 2 comments

it's now been 3 weeks and 1 full day.. i rarely think about wanting to smoke.. if i do its if i am bored or drinking coffee or just finished eating something.. what i do instead i just keep straws with me.. sounds silly, i know, but i will chew on the end of the straw.. i try not to hold it like i would a cigarette the whole time cause the cigarette is the habit i'm trying to break.. anyway.. think i'll be quiet now..

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breathe in the good and out the bad..

Sep 15, 2011 - 0 comments

we have decided its time to put a stop to the smoking.. so we are excited in a way that IT IS TIME.. its like an OH WOW type of feeling.. so here it is day one.. breathing in the good air and out the bad air that is in my lungs..

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night and day sweats

Sep 01, 2011 - 3 comments

still continued night and day sweats even after they reduced our depression medication.. it hasn't helped stopped the hot flashes at all.. beginning to think it has more to do with our hormones.

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