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Dec 09, 2017 - 7 comments

GREAT meeting!



Jan 04, 2017 - 3 comments

other things that happened today:

i found a (large) dead roach by my bed on the floor.  since i traded mattresses and am sleeping on CJ's old mattress (bc mine was so bad ... and when i talked to Tama about it she felt really bad so i dropped it; Roberta said if i got the guys phone no that sold me the mattress she would talk to him ...), my bed is on the floor.  i think Lauren had a frame but it was real rickety.  and i needed more support not something shaky.  so we put it on the floor, actually there was a wood board with it (thin) so we put that down too.

and i was eating in here again though i vowed not to about 4 weeks ago, maybe less ... and i ate junk food, which makes crumbs ... and so i said to myself last night, tomorrow i will get that little vacuum and move the bed and vacuum all around it.

but when i went to do that i found the roach!  

it was on the floor right near the head of my bed.

of course i freaked out as usual.  no one was inside.  so i got rid of it and then vacuumed really well.  and i went outside and found Roberta and she suggested i spray Raid around the baseboards near the bed and i did that too.

so we'll see who dies first, the roaches or me.  loll


class went pretty well tonight.  its still vacay so i only had 3, but that's fine.  i like that!  and Byrne said we will have class tomorrow night.  he likes me a lot.  i wish he would have stuck to his word which was we wouldn't hold class unless there were 4 ppl who wanted to come .... but he didn't.  and i need the work.

i was going to sleep on the couch tonight in the living room but after i vac'd and sprayed i thought i guess ill sleep in here.  its pretty bad though ... ugh.

  this morning i didn't feel bad when i woke up ... almost good!  and i wrote and got some stuff i really really liked for the first time in a long time ... so i was very stoked.  

i got the new books for my new night class (my level 2 is moving up to level 3).

i worked out, just a 45 min cardio bc my body felt tired.

i finally picked up my contact lenses just in time bc i was really starting to have trouble driving with my glasses, esp at night.

ok i think thats it.  there was something else i think but i forgot.

ok laters!

love you mh

hope y'all is good



sad bad

Oct 18, 2016 - 1 comments

its horrible when i am really low and theres no mh.

why did you do this to us MH in chief?  why


mannish boys

Aug 21, 2016 - 2 comments

also i forgots to tell you that the ac AND Lit contacted me today.  i know right

the ac was practically incoherent.  he texted me out of the blue (i haven't heard from him in like 3 weeks) and goes "Hi."  i said "Hi."  he goes "how ru"  i said "K.  U?"  he said "Ok."  then like 15 minutes later he texted, "I'm home."

i was like Wha .....?????  why is he telling me this?  and i thot maybe he thinks he is texting P. Diddy (this is what i call his new chik bc her name is Didi)

i said "Why are you telling me this?"

he said "because i was at a union meeting for work."

Um ... right?  so i just said "i love you honey."  and about 3 hours later he texted "i love you too babe."


i am really worried about him.

Lit wrote me this heartfelt email (SOB.  Sike) about he's SO sorry how beautiful i am and how he really misses me and wants me in his left ALL he can remember with me is good times (UMMMMM right?)  and he fukked everything up yadda yadda

its 145 a.m. and Roberta is STILL marching around the house.  OMG

ok so i wrote him back (against my betters jujment)  "i dont get it Lit if you wanted to keep me in your life so bad why didnt you do ONE of the things i asked for over and over and over?"

he said 'yeah i fukked up i will get you ALL the things I promised you Wim and do ALL the things you asked for if you allow me to"

stupid idiot.   i dint write him back.


I saw this GORGEOUS guy on the hike who was RUNNING up the trail (these fukkers are really crazy its hard enuf to walk up the goddam trail) he was small, i mean taller than me (who isnt)  but he had bleach blond hair (Bleach, kurty) and theez BIG brown eyes omg he looked like Gavin Rossdale he was so pretty, and i caught his eye and he looked at me but he dint stop or say nothing or even smile.  im sure alls his life ppl have told him how beautiful he is.  

he had these sculpted muscles, he was in really good shape sort of like Javi was but maybe in better shape not sure.  he was lean, not scrawny but almost slight, except for the muscular quality of his arms and legs, he turned around and was running ahead of me as i was walking down and i tried to catch up to him but i couldn't and he ran off into the distance ....   ::sigh:::   you run away run away run away run away  ... i will follow.  i will follow (bono)

ok welp gotta bounce


ty for suffering me