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It's been awhile since I tracked...

Dec 05, 2011 - 0 comments

It has been a great few months and a frustrating few months as well.  I now have a boyfriend who is wonderful and keeps it real.  No sugarcoating the good and the's refreshing to not hear lies.  It was hard at first for my family to accept any part of him...because I am white and he is African American.  He is the first black man I ever dated, he is also 19 years older than myself.  There is something about him that attracted me to him and I'm so glad we met.  He is very responsable and helps me with my finances and gives me tips on how to handle my 13 year old boy.  So, it's been an adjustment for all of us...he wants my mothers' blessing so much but she is prejudice and is not accepting of him and I being in a relationship.  She is now starting to see that he is not a bad man, she talked to him on the phone on veterans' day because he served in airforce for 10 years of his life.  I am happy that I have him in my life.  He is my rock.  I am worried about my back, I have a lump that I've always had since I was a teenager (a little bit hunched but not a lot) but the other day my boyfriend Doug said,"Baby, you are swollen back there you need to go to the ER." Instead of that I made an appt with a Chiropractor for the first time ever on Wed morning.  I hope I'm making the right decision by going to this doctor.  I am low on my vitamin D big time and that has affected me greatly.  I have low energy because of the lack of vitamin d . I try to take it every day (drops) but I forget sometimes.  I saw an endocrinologist for the first time last week and we can't do anything for me unless I get my bloodwork done first and he said we will go from there.  I made an appt. with labcorp because I don't want to wait for 3 hours so the doctor has to wait a while because my appt isn't until the 12th.  I started therapy a few weeks ago but I've only had one session so far.  My physician thinks I also have General Anxiety Disorder on top of my Bipolar/Depression.  I have to find out if my insurance covers Cymbalta then if it does than my doctor (physicatrist) will decrease celexa till it's done and increase Cymbalta.  There is just so much going on with me.  I have mixed emotions.  I'm so worried about my back, my boyfriend because his mom is dying and now his dads' health is declining and he believes his mother won't make it for Christmas.  I'm worried about my finances big time and it's out of my's in the hands of the government.  One day I am happy and the next I am depressed and not wanting to go out anywhere and another time I am crying all day.  I'm not really looking forward to Christmas this year.  I usually do enjoy it but I don't think anyone will be happy because everyone in my family is suffering one way or another w/ finances.  Honestly, we shoudln't even do presents this year...well, have a good day and night everyone.  

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