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Panick Attack

Dec 05, 2011 - 0 comments


Last night I had a bad anxiety attack.  I couldn't get a deep breath in (shallow breathing) and I had to keep yawning to get enough breath.  It was scary and I was almost crying because I just wanted to breathe and I knew it was all in my head that started the whole physical part of it.  I took a melatonin 3 mg which made me slightly tired today and a little grumpy (I'm still in my pj's from last night).  I didn't do much of anything but make a few phone calls that had to be done.  Whenever I have a bad attack like that it's like the next day I stay home all day and do nothing but try to's exhausting and the attack must have been at least an hour...or 2.  I've been excessively worried about a number of people and I became overwhelmed.