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finally reached the end of week 12

Oct 05, 2011 - 1 comments

It has been quite the journey so far and I have at least 12 wks to go.  My triple tx began on July 8 with Peg/Riba plus a protease inhibitor called BI201335.  I have deduced from the severe side effects that I landed in arm 3 with 240 mg QD x 12 weeks combined with SOC for up to 48 wks.  I was unable to continue working after 4 wks of TX.  I am still taking one capsule daily but I believe its placebo as I have not suffered any severe nausea or vomiting in 6 days.  So now I am done with the PI but still suffering with rash, headache, shortness of breath, loss of appetite, nausea and fatigue.  I wonder if something in the capsules (drug vehicle) is making me feel so sick?  None of these things are going to stop me now.

When my 12 week blood work is complete I should receive the news on whether or not I have cleared the virus.  Hoping for good news soon and a 24 wk EOT date will be Dec.23/11.  What a great Christmas present that would be!  It was 12 weeks of hell and I took alot of it out on my two kids, for which I am truly devastated.  It is not over yet but I hope to return to my almost old self soon and good health in the New Year.  Not sure how I will handle bad news but I won't go there for now.  Of note it seemed that when I stopped the PI the riba and peg stepped in to do their worst and I did have a good cry that day but it all seems manageable again.  

Had enough of west coast rain - just waiting for the next sunny day to get out and enjoy some fall air.  Happy Thanksgiving to all!

injection #10 & #11

Sep 22, 2011 - 0 comments

Two weeks that blur together as one long bout of nausea, headache and fatigue.  Barely eating anymore since everything smells funny but still manage toast & fruit.  One more week of BI 201335 and then 12-36 more weeks of SOC.  Last sfx has been constipation which adds to the fun.  Feeling like a walking pharmacy from all the pills.  Add a few hot flashes and sweats with the rash for a bit of itch.  Blisters pop up and itch all over my legs, torso and hands.  Like a lamb to the slaughter.  Wonder if it really does get better when tx is done?  Tomorrow is dart night gang so get ready for another great weekend.  If I don't clear the ******* I'm gonna go postal!  My laptop is keeping me sane - watched all five seasons of Dexter which oddly has a calming effect.  Now into season 3 of Californication and all 8 seasons of Shameless-brilliant!

injection #9

Sep 02, 2011 - 0 comments

Had to come to town for my 8 wk visit so what better way to spend the day than visiting the PNE?  Husband and daughter came with one friend so we could visit the fair.  Checked into the Holiday Inn but the room wasn't ready so I slept in the minivan in the parkade for 2 hrs till we could get in our room.  The rest of them went on to the fair.  Once the nausea subsided I got in the room and ate some vietnamese.  I haven't enjoyed a meal like that in weeks!  
Injection #9 is in and I am now counting down the 28 days till I finish the PI that has been bothering me so badly with nausea.  After that it's just the riba/peg for me!!  Because the trial is double-blinded I won't find out if I am UND until sometime after week 12.  If I don't clear this virus I don't know what I will do but for today it's OK.  Maybe my GP can do a blood test outside of the clinical trial so I will look into that rather than wait for trial results.  I think the trick is to set small goals and celebrate them when they pass.  Also believe that family/friends support is crucial and there is never enough or too much.

injection #8

Aug 29, 2011 - 0 comments

This week got off to a rough start as I puked up Friday morning about an hour after all my pills (3 riba's and 2 PI's).  I think I may have tried to eat too much and missed my ondansetron dose.  The nausea is overwhelming at times and I am taking oxycodone just to "float" through the worst of it.  I find the weekend difficult due to the sfx from the interferon with headaches being the worst.  Emotionally I am drained and I feel like I have hit the wall so I am barely getting out of bed these days.  Sept.2 is my 8 week milestone and I hope to find out that I was UND at week 4.  This would be huge in helping me continue for 4 more weeks.  I really really really want to quit the PI's and just continue with riba and peg but I don't want the last 8 wks to be wasted.  Need good news this Friday.