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Aug 08, 2008 - 2 comments

Dudes....I am still trying to taper and i am doing way better.

There has to be a pill that kills the pain and has no side effects and no withdrawals......and free...LOL

Listen to the song " I need a new drug " By Huey Lewis and the news..

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This guy said this worked....I'll keep in case of emergency

Jul 24, 2008 - 0 comments

by oc40isbad

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, Jul 17, 2008 09:49PM
Hey guys. I'll outline what I did below:

I tapered down to roughly 40mg of oxycontin per day until I had 1 40mg pill remaining. I split it into quarters, and planned on using the quarters when things got too rough. (Only ended up having to do that once).

Anyway. On the first day of withdrawals, I loaded up bigtime on L-Tyrosine. I took about 2500mg with 200mg of Vitimin B-6. You're supposed to take this firt thing in the morning before you eat. I also took a bunch of Potassium Gluconate. This seemed to work fine. Then the second day came.

On the night of day 2, I was having terrible trouble sleeping. RLS, hot and cold sweats, shivering, etc. I took 90mg of dextromethorphan (CVS branded Maximum Strength Flu Relief, basically generic coricidin. Each tablet contains 15mg of the stuff. So I took six.

Let me tell you that it basically numbed the withdrawal effects. My legs stopped cramping and being restless, I could sleep, AND the sweats were gone.

That DXM really lingers, so don't take too much. You'd be impressed with how long it lasts. It's a disassociative (like pot), which seems to work well with opiate withdrawals

Found this in an old post...Wise man...This is a great way to look at it.

Jul 11, 2008 - 1 comments

The pills actually cause the brain to stop producing the endorphins. Imagine your brain is a big meadow and there is a factory in the meadow that produces and releases endorphins into the grass on the meadow, well when you take the pills this meadow is covered by the toxins from the pills. The pills cover the meadow and actually create holes in your meadow, these holes need to be filled in order to feel normal or take away aches and pains. Meaning the holes that arent filled give the withdrawl sysmptoms. The endorphin factory has not produced the natural endorphins in so long that the order to fill all the holes created by the pills is too much to fill in one day or in your case 5 days. This is where exercise can jump start the factory and help fill those holes and regrow the grass in the meadow. It just takes time to fill the holes in and get the meadow back to its original state.
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Don't know hoe to restart tracker

Jul 11, 2008 - 0 comments

I am not at 20 days and i will restart tracker......Sorry..

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