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Bad Vacations

Dec 04, 2007 - 0 comments



Bells Palsy


chest cold

Last week I went to Orlando with my wife, my 18 month old daughter and my wife's parents. We were all badly in need of a vacation. The day we arrived, my wife started coughing horribly, and lost her voice. The next day my daughter and I started coughing. A day later, we all had full blown chest colds. We were all coughing all night long, sneezing, and feeling pretty horrible. We made the best of the vacation, and went to Sea World twice, which my daughter absolutely loved. Epcot Center was a little boring for her - no animals, less visual stimuli, etc...but we had fun nonetheless.

Two days after arriving home, I woke up and the right side of my mouth was numb. After googling (and searching on MedHelp!), I diagnosed myself with Bell's Palsy. A visit to the ER confirmed it, and I'm now on Prednisone and Acyclovir to treat potential causes. My daughter is on antibiotics for her cough, and my wife is the only one who seems to be getting better. I'm seeing my PCP on Friday to follow up on the Bell's Palsy, and possibly to get an antibiotic for my chest cold.

I've had better vacations.

San Francisco

Oct 09, 2007 - 1 comments




I'm in San Francisco this week for work. So far, it's been a pretty good trip. I'm learning a lot, and I'm already using several new tools that should help my productivity. I do miss my wife and my daughter quite a bit. This week will be the longest period of time away from both of them. I think my daughter is going to have 4 new teeth when I get back to Boston!