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My Love, My Life, My Son

Aug 25, 2011 - 0 comments


I remember the first time that I was truely worried that something was different about my child.  Aiden has always been such a sweet boy - a very easy going baby - and a lovable toddler.  When I put him at a Mom's Day Out program at a local church it was soon very appparent that something was off.  The director approached me and asked if I ever thought he was autistic.  There were behaviors that I wondered about but no, I honestly hadn't worried about it. Ever. And this was the first time he was left in someone's care other than immediate family.

As upsetting as that first conversation was, since Aiden was only 2 years old I continued with the program.  Within 2 weeks they were calling me to come get him every session.   I remember vividly the day that the director said to me "I don't believe that he doesn't act THIS WAY at home. Don't YOU SEE that there is SOMETHING WRONG with your child?"
I don't think I have ever felt like such a failure in my lifetime.  I pulled him out of the program, and after meetings with his Pediatrician, and local Help Me Grow I as assured that Aiden had some motor skill delays and was just simply "quirky".

Fast forward to Pre-school. Help Me Grow did suggest that I send him there for Pre-K just in case.  After their screening and evaluations with the school psychologist, and LOTS of paperwork they sat me down and advised me they thought Aiden has Asperger's. Although they were not qualified to give a "medical diagnosis" they put him on an IEP and worked with him for an entire school year from age 4-5.  I was shocked at how much progress the RIGHT PROGRAM can do for a child struggling to fit in.

Then over summer break I decided to put Aiden in a pre-school at a local Day Care for two days a week.  This was ONLY for him to keep some structure in his routine and keep his social skills. Within two weeks my son who had made so much progress regressed dramatically. He got in trouble every day at that school for behaviors that he could not control - to the point of being kept at the center in a class of "kids who made bad choices" while the rest of the kids got to go on fieldtrips. When I approached the director she told me that Aiden had a discipline problem and nothing else as far as they were concerned because I did not have a diagnosis yet.

Ugh. More tears, and frustration, guilt, stress, and well everything.  I decided at that point to pursue an evaluation, which by some miracle of God was scheduled for next week.  I just know in my heart that he has Asperger's.  I have read so many different sites and their description of the disorder and it's like they are writing up a report on him.  I want him to be happy, make lots of friends, and have a successful year of Kindergarten.

My Aiden is a gift from God, and is meant to do something great I just know it.  He lights up the room when he walks in and despite the few times he has struggled to fit in the majority of everyone who meets him (adults) just fall in love with him and never forget him.  We are so proud of him!