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jan 18 2020 over-ate +  over-sleep

Jan 18, 2020 - 0 comments

I was not limiting carbs and calories today, which may have been the reason why I didn't wake between 4AM-12PM.  I also ate dairy + meat + sugar which I usually do not - the last time I had carbs and maybe meat was right before the last large oversleep.  Also I need to fix my computer as it apparently  goes into stand-by mode after just a few minutes, rendering the alarm useless.

oura ring screenshot + carb overfeed + oversleep on jan 11 2020

Jan 12, 2020 - 1 comments

Jan 10 2020 8:25AM (bar marked green) woke up and got a very interesting graph on the Oura ring, perhaps this suggests I was going in and out of different sleep stages in one nap. It usually does not go up and down that cleanly.  Things felt good after that as well, not tired.

I ate carbs the first eating window, but then had another eating window where I ate ~1,000+ additional vegan Taco Bell calories (4 items) + granola/oats at around 2AM on the 10th and then overslept shortly after on the 11th, going in and out of long naps unconsciously. This stupid idea/mistake was probably made because things were going so well prior to the oversleep - everything felt like no big deal. I probably wouldn't have overslept if I just kept it at ~500 calories or less. Oh well.  

For next adaptation, I might consider only doing a 1 day carb refeed per week, as I felt completely fine after the first carb refeed day on jan 9th in the single 1-8h feeding window.  I could also do 2 days but restrict calories to 1500 on the second day and stay the hell away from carbs that are sugar, like all the granola I ate

11th and 12th I had keto ice cream which was not vegan.

microsleep madness

Jan 07, 2020 - 0 comments

Jan 7 2020: Very tired around 6AM-11AM. Found myself constantly unconsciously falling asleep. The day before this day (or perhaps it was 2, can't remember) was similar at around the same time.  I've been eating keto powder for 1-4hours after the 4pm nap and then intermittently fasting the rest of the time.  Seems to be going fine despite the two blocks of time where my alertness was suffering.  If attempting to do an adaptation after this, perhaps I should consider taking an extra nap during the time where I get extremely tired to see if I can condense all the microsleeps into that one nap instead of having these narcoleptic microsleeps haphazardly spread out over several hours?

mid-day tiredness

Mar 17, 2014 - 0 comments

Feeling tired, like I am having internal microsleeps in my brain around 3PM.