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Pregnancy journey (week 29)

Apr 07, 2015 - 0 comments

Went to L&D for a checkup last week - no fluid leakage, baby heart rate normal, repeat fFN still positive, but cervix has been holding long and steady. Level II ultrasound at 28.5w showed placenta previa is unchanged at all. The MFM covering for my doctor is prepping me for a possible c-section cutting through placenta (with major bleeding risk and need for blood transfusion).  Will schedule another level II ultrasound at 32 weeks.  Cramping has been better.  I've been taking it as easy as possible.

Pregnancy journey (week 27)

Mar 27, 2015 - 0 comments

I passed the GD (fasting 77, 1hr 120, 2hr 117). But in recent 2.5 weeks, I've been having daily contractions, cramps, backaches, cervical pressures. My cervical length shortened from 56mm to 38mm and tested fFN positive at 27w, which indicated increased risk of preterm labor.  My MFM wanted me to cancel all travel plan, and follow up weekly in clinic.  I've been taking Endometrin 100mg x2/d which seems to be helping with the cramping but it causes cervical burning... Baby is still very active and happy little bean. Hope she stay put till at least 39 weeks (which is my ideal goal for c-section scheduling).

Pregnancy journey (week 21)

Feb 11, 2015 - 0 comments

It's been a long time since my last update. Baby is doing well. I had level 2 ultrasound at 19 weeks which showed two choroid plexus cysts in baby's brain, anterior placenta previa, and small subchorionic hematoma. But the oncall MFM Dr. B said because there were no other abnormalities on u/s, the likelihood of trisomy 18 is lower than 1%.

I still have a little cough from the cold/flu I got 6-7 weeks ago. For the past two weeks, I often feel chest pain and shortness of breath. I was sent to L&D twice for tests to rule out pulmonary or cardiac problems. Still have not got my ECHO results back. It seems there's something abnormal about it, but the OB didn't completely understand and is discussing with the cardiologist. I guess they will get back to me during my next follow up.

Finally, I've state to gain weight, slowly but surely, Also, made public media announcement on 2/6 when I was 20 weeks pregnant.

Pregnancy journey (week 16)

Jan 11, 2015 - 0 comments

Today I'm 16 weeks and 4 days. Last Thursday (1/8), I went to see my neuro in the morning w/ a mild headache and 99 temp. Then, seen by the acupuncturist at their pain clinic when my temp rises to 99.5 in an hour. All of a sudden, I got extremely dizzy and nauseous and almost threw up at him. He turned off the light and had me lay down in his treatment room sipping ice water to calm my nerves. He said he couldn't offer me any treatment but would refer me to another clinic in the area which is more specialized in hormone issues.  

I got out of his office disappointed and stopped by hospital cafe thinking maybe with some food and fluid I'd be feeling better.  But I couldn't eat more than a few sips of soup, just feeling chilly, dizzy, weak, and an awful headache. So I pulled together all my strength and drive home as fast as I can before I feel any worse. I laid in bed for the entire afternoon, my fever keeps rising 100.6, 100.9, ... till 101.9. And I started to feel left-sided flank pain that comes in waves. The weird thing is I did not have any cold/flu or urinary symptoms.

My OB's advise nurse said I must get to hospital to be checked out as this could be kidney infection which would require inpatient treatment. So I went to L&D to get checked again. It wasn't kidney infection and I was told to take flexeril and discharged. The OB at hospital also told me that I have a friable cervix, so that may explain why I was spotting/bleeding that often. She also said my Hgb continued to drop and it's at 10 now. She said she'd copy all of these findings to my OB so she could follow up in my appt on 1/16.

I continued to have fever for 2 days on Friday (101.6) and Saturday (100.4), and fever is completely gone today (Sunday). I'm having a very bad cough, couldn't sleep much at night with chest/shoulder pains when I breathe and cough. Sometimes, I even feel a sharp abdominal pain where my placenta is. I tried Vicks Rub on my feet with warm socks on at 2am and finally fell asleep for a few hours, but I woke up at 7am and continue coughing...

I'm in a cafe trying to catch up some work. Just feeling sooooo washed out as if I'm walking on clouds. My weight is 119 lbs today still -3 from prepregnancy, and up about 0.5 from my last prenatal check.

It seems that my neuro and my MFM have been exchanging messages about my condition. I will see my MFM on 1/16 to figure out what exactly is the game plan. I'm tired of being so sick for so long.

On a positive note, despite the fever, I managed to make it to our outdoor photograph session on Saturday. Got the initial prints several hours later. They all look great! We're still picking our best choices for touch-ups. Then, we'll place our photo pregnancy announcement card order, hopefully before our cruise trip. And send them out at the end of the month around 19-20 weeks.  That will be exciting...

Ouch... I really hope this bad cough go away before our cruise trip next week.