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Twins birth story :)

Jun 20, 2014 - 15 comments

We got to the hospital 15 min late as usual lol but they didn't mind and had a lovely birth suite ready got us with a huge dap bath in there for a water birth, talk about rubbing salt into a wound, knowing that I couldn't use that!! So I got strapped up to the monitors, had an internal and was 3cm so they broke my waters to give me an hour for labour to start on it's own, which it didn't, so an epidural was put in pl and the hormone drip was started on a very low dose, I was still able to get up and move but the epidural made me extremely itchy and I had to have several doses of different medication to try and dull down the itching. I might add that it took 3 goes to get a cannula in and 3 goes to get the epidural in. My contractions started to slowly pick up and once the drip was up to 45 ml they were cracking along nicely, because I've never had an epidural before I didn't top up from the initial dose so was feeling every contraction, this was fine with me as it's what I'm used to lol the midwife then had to put an internal monitor on baby A's head as she kept on loosing her during contractions, I held off on that for as long as I could but agreed to it, and it showed bub was fine,I was considered in active labour at 3.15 pm and by 6 was basically fully dilated, doctor came in and realised that I had full feeling and ordered a small top up, she left again and I started pushing and pushing and pushing, an hr later she came back and by this stage I had sever back ache and I said that I thought the baby had turned posterior, another internal also confirmed this, all the while I'm still pushing through the contractions, she also said she thought that the babies head was turned to the side and flexed  upwards, she said because both babies were still happy they were happy to let me push for another hr !! She said she could try a ventouse extraction but it was unlikely to work because of babies head positioning, I said I push my babies out in 3 pushes and I know what it feels like when a baby is moving down and this baby isn't moving anywhere, I said I feel empty when I should be feeling pressure, even though they could feel her head right there with an internal. We queried about a csection so she went to discuss it with a senior OB who had delivered lots of twins, she came back and said that he agreed that a section was the safest option. Once all that was decided on, things moved fairly quickly and I was zoomed off to theatre, prepped and ready to go, I had the anetheologist talking me through it and all of a sudden the senior OB was cslled for, it took him about 20-15 min to get down, scrubbed up and in, That's when the fun started and it felt like they were literally yanking my body off the table, I remembr saying "on my god what's going on down there " lol  the next thing I knew I was in la la land and couldn't keep my eyes open, I could hear everything, it turns out they had to give me twilight sedation as baby a was a very difficult delivery, once they got her out we asked what she was as I thought we were having 2 boys, they yelled out girl and d/h and I just stared at each other, then baby b was out a minute later and they yelled out girl, 2 girls !! D/h said bull sh*t lol and the midwife went back to check and d/h and I looked like we had been slapped around the face with a wet fish, we were so shocked, I still was pretty whacked out and he went off to cut the cords, we had asked for the placentas to be kept but they ended up by having to be manually removed and had adhered to my uterus and had started to calcify and turn white, so thank goodness we induced when we did!! D/h went off with the girls and I went off to recovery, I didn't get back to the room for 2 hours but baby A was looking for my boob the whole time, she jumped straight on.
Over the next 2 days both babies and I were still pretty zonked out and they were sleepy, baby a ended up by getting jaundice and b wasn't far behind so we had yo suppliment at every feed to get some  fluids into them as my milk took longer to come in due to the csection, we used a feeding tube thing which goes in their mouths while they're breastfeeding do it still stimulates milk production, they're still getting colostrum and they're just getting topped up, they both lost more than 10% of their birth weight so we ended up by staying in for a full 5 days. My boobs have finally realised gat they have 2 to feed not 1 so we are down to 1 supplement feed of 30 ml at about 9 pm when my milk is low, I'm tandem feeding most of the time as well.
So we have baby A ..... 7 lb, we named hèr Tsehai (silent t) Ethiopian for sunshine
And baby B ..... 7 lb 8 oz and she is Isis , Greek goddess of fertility
I'm absolutely in love with my munchkins and the whole journey had been amazing, I loved being pregnant every second even though some days were hard, and will miss being pregnant and feeling them squiggle inside, but I'm do grateful and blessed to have them both here safely !!
xxx Stacey

limbo land :/

May 26, 2013 - 6 comments

well I'm pretty pissed off to say the least that my de ivf didnt work considering my body can implant an own egg  abnormal embryo and not 1 of 3 de implanted in me.... so what to do now, continue trying and if I'm lucky enough to fall pregnant again, endure more miscarriages, then in 6-12mths time come to the conclusion thats its all over, come to that conclusion now even though I'm not ready to deal with that, or consider trying de ivf again at another clinic, even though we have no money, so thats not really an option either... arrrggghhhh  :/

Abit gutted  :(

May 25, 2012 - 12 comments

Well I feel deflated, and it feels like my baby making journey is comming to an end, not by low amh or menopause as I expected but by a really horrible new re that I saw today.... I was abit worried when I made my app at the clinic when I was told tthat my old re had retired, dont know why but I just had that feeling, anyway off I go to my app today full of high hopes, oh how they were to be dashed in less than 10 min of meeting the "new"guy.... He wouldnt give me the dhea that I so badly need to get that one last succesful pregnancy, well he would but in order to get it  I had to go and have all the tests done including the dye one to check to see if my tubes were blocked! and my hubby had to have his sperm checked. blah blah blah, now this doesnt sound too bad except that in my case its a blatent grab for money!! I can get pregnant, I dont have blocked tubes, my d/h doesnt have anything wrong with his sperm, my case acording to my last re was very straight forward.....old eggs.... so a 3 month course of dhea would give me the best chance of concieving again, one last time, but no not with this p r i c k, even after explaining all this over and over again, the fact that I've jsut had a baby, and I just had a miscarriage (nov) he still tried to tell me that my tubes maybe blocked or my d/h sperm maybe low, I told him we couldnt afford all this extra testing that wasnt necessary but he didnt car, so thats that, I have no-one left who can help me, dhea cant be bought in australia as its illegial, you have tyo have a script and only certain re's who have applied can give you a script, no doctors will give me clomid either so thats it, its all over :(


May 12, 2012 - 1 comments

adjusting my temps for the extra early mornings for the last 3 days, until new cycle starts :)

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