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34w1d dr appointment

Jul 12, 2016 - 2 comments

I had my Ob appointment 34w1d and I have only gained 2.2lb but I'm -8.6lb. My Dr is thinking about doing a ultrasound just to see how much Joey is but more towards my due date. He said that the uterus growth is ok, he also said that he would like me to have gained more weight than what I have been.  I asked why I haven't been gaining much weight and he said that it is more than likely the hormones and it's not forcing the nutrients to the baby like it should be. .. he did seem a little concerned about it then his last words were, around 37 weeks he just might do an ultrasound just to be sure he's ok on his weight.

pregnancy and the flu

Mar 09, 2016 - 8 comments

Have any of you ladies had the flu during pregnancy?  My tummy hurts like a tummy aches,  can't keep water down, and iv vomited about 6 times now since 7am... I go from cold to warm, when would it be concerned to go to the doctor? Iv never had the flu during any of my pregnancies so it's the first.

our 3rd August baby!  wow

Jan 28, 2016 - 1 comments


I can't get over the fact that my body loves August babies!  I have 1 daughter in April,  2 August daughters and myself and my husband is September and our poor only son he's in November.  To be honest I was hoping for a September baby but hey I guess my body loves August babies.  You know,  I thought I would be disappointed if I didn't get my boy but I look at it now and I don't need to be selfish because I am and was lucky that I can have kids on my own I guess. Well of course I can't just have myself so my husband helped lmbo..  but anyways iv been feeling sick, vomiting every day now since 5 weeks pregnant and just puky and blah feeling.

Ok on to a different topic,
my Csection day will be August 17th but don't know what time yet. I wanted it for the 16th because that is my husband and I 5 years together.  But I'm going to ask about the Family centered csection,  it's a clear pice with blue paper on it then when baby is getting born we could see it. Then having baby on me and breastfeeding him or her after wards.

Gender of this baby will be a complete surprise to me but my husband is going to find out and keep it a secret!  I told him , no matter how much you get mad at me please promise me you won't tell me what our baby is! And he said yes I promise because I can keep a good secret  lmbo.

Also ladies I need help once again lol, what baby stuff would I need because I don't have much and my sister is planning my baby shower so I want to pick things out for a baby registry.  I'm also breastfeeding so any ideas also about that too. And bottle that's good for breastfeeding babies.

9 weeks 3 days pregnant!

Jan 23, 2016 - 6 comments

Everything looked fine on January 21st at 8am.  They did my pap because it's been 3 years, and let me tell you.  When they had to stick that metal duck bell up inside of me it hurt and let me tell you what the pain felt like! It was almost making me cry! It hurt like a B*!  I asked why it hurt this time and not last and he said it's because your uterus,  when you have so many csections it causes your uterus to stay up higher than normal and your cervix was not pointing out wards it was pointing towards the back.  It was very terrible!  But it all got made up because I got an ultrasound done and also a picture with it!! Baby measured 9w1d HB was 167, at 8w4d it was 163bpm. But I'm so happy baby is doing well!