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First IUI

Mar 11, 2013 - 0 comments

Sperm Count: 135 Million post wash, 100% motility

Crofton Baby

IUI Scheduled for 3/11/12

Mar 08, 2013 - 5 comments

OKAY, so I have my first IUI scheduled for 3/11/12 this upcoming Monday, I had my follicle scan yesterday (3/7/12) with one def good follie at 20 mm on my right, and a couple other that were 14mm, and I think another on my left close to 20 but my left is so hard to see it was hard to get a good look.

So taking some vitamins and also going to have the hubby do a shot of espresso 20 min before he goes in to the RE, I read that helps with motility (even though his numbers are good)

This cycle I took clomid 100 mg 3-7
Bravelle  (folliticle stimulus) CD 3, 5, 8, 9, 10
Trigger (Pregnyl) will be on Sunday 3/10 at 4:30 am

Hopefully this works! I could use some "beginners luck" !

SSBD to all others trying


SO I was bad....

Feb 06, 2013 - 3 comments

SO Monday I had another follicle check to see if my eggs were getting any smaller after taking some medicine to prevent me from ovulating (same stuff you take when like doing IVF?) Anyways there was 1 24mm I think one about 18mm and then there was like one that was 16 and 15 and then on my left, we couldn't really see but it looked like there was another follicle about 24 mm. So the doctor said the cycle was still cancelled and I have to take this medicine called adgesterol(sp?) to get my follicles to shrink and I am supposed to take that for 3 weeks and go back for ANOTHER scan to see if things calmed down and then supposedly I would stop taking the medication and AF would come.

I decided to defer from the plan, for several reasons,

1. This is costing so much money and I didn't want 300$ to go to waste (actually its alot more in the big picture but we will just say that amount)

2. I did my taxes yesterday and somehow I owe like 1000$, I don't even know how that happened! I though I had enough taken out but I guess not, my fault but that means suspending TTC for a while since money we have saved will now have to go towards that.

3. When I did my HSG the doctor told me it would be covered since it is diagnostic, well supposedly my insurance denied it because they didn't have information from me, so I called insurance and they refiled the claim but now the RE office is coming after me for collections already and blah blah if the insurance falls through thats another 1000$ I owe and they prob won't let me see the doctor till I pay it.

4. I talked to my mommy yesterday for the first time in a while (we don't usually get along well) and I told her what was happening and she said she would love to move back to AZ to help me take care of octuplets lol, now I am praying that does not happen, but she is willing to help me and wants me to have lots of gran babies which means alot coming from her since she barely tells me I love you cept like once a year.

SO in conclusion yesterday I took my trigger and today I had a positive OPK (just to make sure) and also took and HCG test and had a line as well (so I can test every day to see when the line dissapears and I get a "true positive")

I don't regret my decision and I would welcome multiples, hopefully no more than 3 but whatever happens will happen and I did what I felt in my heart was the right thing, and sometimes when your heart wants something so desperately you gotta do what you gotta do.

I don't really feel like my chances of multiples are very great, I mean I just hope that 24mm is my lucky egg and I have a happy and healthy baby.

What do you ladies think chance of multiples high?
Please send your prayers!

SSBD to all <3!

First IUI for reals this time.

Jan 23, 2013 - 2 comments

Okay so last cycle I couldn't do IUI do to no egg growth, I am hoping this round since I am doing injectibles I will finally get the chance. So this morning I went to the RE and the the Nurse told me what I would be taking.
Clomid 100 mg Days 3-7
Follitism 75 ml Days 3-5, 7-8
Metformin 1500 mg
First Follicle Scan is CD 8, so next Tuesday (1/29)
And then we will see what happens!
So hopefully this will work this time.
C'mon 2013 baby!