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being sick and not loosing weight

May 09, 2009 - 0 comments

so i was like for like a week.....the worst sinus infection, i felt my head was like 100lbs and my body would just hurt everywhere. Ive missed the gym for two weeks now, on the 3rd day of me being son gets sick too :( poor baby...he started having this really bad cough sat. night when i took him to his ped. on monday morning come to find out he was weezing and breathing pretty on breathing treatments he went. Its been a busy week between him not feeling good, not sleeing trought the night and me pratically being awake 24 hrs my body gives gaved up..i needed food, energy and i just eate and with this week it will be 2 weeks no gym and no dieating...since now both me and my son are feeling much going to celebrate mothers day and monday i go back on track...i promise i have to!!!!!!


gained some weight back...:(

Apr 23, 2009 - 0 comments

well Easter trew me off big time.....but slaking  like crazy, ive been trying so hard to get back to my routine i was doing soo good, i missed the gym like 4 days in a row which i have never done that before, my son had surgery dough so that kind of trew me off my track, its been 1 week now and hes doing great he recovered quick...i lost a total of 4 lbs the whole month on my weight in on hoping to finish this week being good and start a fresh new week on monday...i need some kind of energy boost or somenthing...i think im going to try green tea...well wish me luck!

Thanks all!

Rolling over

Feb 04, 2009 - 0 comments

Gabe is now rolling all over the place...he is playing more with his toys he seems more interested in them, hes has been sleeping in his big boy crib for 2 weeks now and so far soo good!

His hair is finally growing! and I finally switched his formula so similac sensitive and his constipation is forever gone! im soo happy!


eating more solids

Jan 23, 2009 - 0 comments

Baby G. has been eating more solids now than his formula...hes still doing great and growing like weed..his on 95% on the preemie chart and also on the FT babys chart...which is super!!
he is now over 20 lbs and just last week underwent his hearnia repair surgery which went great! we went for the follow up today and dr. was very pleased! Mommy is soo happy that part now is part of our will the ear in his little tubes..which thas not a big deal procerude either...after that we are all set!
Tomorrow he start PT very excited for him...he needs all the help he can get! Other than that hes been sleeping in his big boy crib for the past week now and everything is great! I just enjoy and love being him mommy everyday more and more!!