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My bout of illness today

Oct 13, 2011 - 0 comments



under active thyroid glands


Thyroid Nodules

Been back on Levothyroxin>Synthroid 50 MCG for 5 days now and still have major and earaches with ringing and roaring in my ears. A couple of days have been pretty good, but most days I am still so sick feeling.
Noted the 23rd of Sept. I was diagnosed with pneumonia, given a week supply of antibiotics. I was having short breathing episodes before the pneumonia and during pneumonia it got worst and caused me to have what I feel like was anxiety attacks. Sometimes these breathing episodes scare me and seem to get worst when I come down sick with something or stressed. Not sure if the breathing spells is related to under active thyroid glands. I do have nodules in my thyroid glands that were found some time back by an ultrasound and hasn't been checked since. Just want to get better. Feel sick.
My TSH blood count last week was 6.9

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