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Jun 06, 2016 - 0 comments



joint compression

Discharged from hospital tonight.  Happy at first but then very anxious and resistant to starting PHP tomorrow.  Crying and despairing at bedtime and pushing me away.

When she was a bit calmer, I approached her again to see if there was anything I could do. Suggested a warm rag - no. Suggested Vicks and she accepted. I then offered to try joint compression, which I had just seen a video on, and she agreed. We were joking around as I did it, and she seemed to calm down. I also gave her a short backrub. Afterward she lay right down and I turned the light and radio off. Next morning she said she fell asleep easily and she thinks the joint compression was helpful. Will try again!


Jun 03, 2016 - 0 comments

Nokomis had a pleasant visit tonight, remained calm. Earlier in the day we talked by phone about what we could do to have better visits (6/1 visit was a disaster) and I had agreed to not bring up topics related to the outside world, and not to push too hard about feelings and symptoms. The visit was much more pleasant, and we did end up talking about several things, all initiated by her. That seemed to work well.

I found out that earlier in the day Nokomis had a period (of an hour or so, maybe?) of intense agitation -- she was pacing, very upset. Eventually agreed to take a Zyprexa and calmed down a bit. During this episode she destroyed a book, and was picking at scabs, but she didn't hurt anybody and she didn't need to be restrained. Seemed like progress.

She is still having daily diarrhea (6 days now), and I mentioned this to Dr. Cedermark.