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Brighter day

Jul 01, 2016 - 0 comments

Well I just didn't feel like saying much the last couple of days thus the absence of entries, I was very pleased with my Docs appointment on Tuesday although the diagnoses has not changed, I guess thanks to Dr Jess and the way she speaks I am staying positive.

My Lyrica dosage has been lifted to 150mg per day, I have noticed a decrease in the sharpness, stinging and hyper sensitivity.

I am still unable to straighten my arm and I do feel a bit more tired than usual.  I am now also on 500mg of Vitamin C per day.

Although I am still in constant pain, I wake up every morning, look in the mirror and say out aloud, you are alive, you still have an arm, this is your day to get going so just do it.  I find my lil pep talks give me the strength to just get on with it.

Also I purchased the book Manage your Pain, which I have started reading, and will finish this weekend.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Another Day

Jun 28, 2016 - 0 comments

Had a really unsettled night, just couldn't find a way to get comfortable, pretty slow to get up and going this morning.

I am noticing my forgetfulness is happening now quite a lot and its just simple little things that I wouldn't normally forget.  Getting very frustrated.

Finding my hand eye co-ordination becoming annoying as well, its like my brain knows exactly what I need to do but my hands do something different.

Still can't straighten my arm, and was getting a lot of pain in my armpit and my thumb which feels like it keeps locking up.

I received my book yesterday 'Manage your Pain' so I am hoping to start reading today on the way to my docs appointment.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

New Week

Jun 27, 2016 - 0 comments

Well I had a pretty good weekend, makes the world of difference to go up the mountain, however I made a plan that I would do some of the things I luv and bugger the pain, following the Pain Managements teams advice of course.

Saturday I spent the morning gardening, it had been raining so the ground was still moist and I worked out a way to use the Pick in my left hand without to much involvement of my right.  It was slow going however I got all my plants planted.

I then jumped on the ride on and started a few laps until the mower broke so it wasn't my arm that failed me this time.

I did my usual baking and cooking and attempted a bit of crocheting however had to break frequently as the pain was just a bit to much to bare.

I managed to get a bit of descent sleep and all in all it was good.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Thank God its Friday

Jun 24, 2016 - 0 comments

Got a bit of descent sleep again last night, woke up quite soar this morn, however feel a bit better this morning.  I feel like my IBS has settled a little however haven't eaten anything yet so we will see as the day progresses.

Had another few of those really sharp pains in my right temple since yesterday, still not sure what that is all about, however they are quite intense must mention that to Dr Jess on Tuesday.

Been in quite a lot of discomfort this week and have been looking forward for today very much, will head up the mountain at lunch.  I think I will give driving a go today.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome